Day 33: Triple mining lasers bliss

Mining in a ScytheI finished training my Minmatar Frigate skill to level 4 – and directly jumped back to Ammold V in my Shuttle where the Minmatar Cruiser skillbook was patiently waiting. A few minutes and million ISK later, I finally have my Scythe, callsign Xaraya. It is equipment selection time!! Ohhhhh yes that’s sweet: three mining turrets, but only a 20% mining yield bonus, vs the 80% bonus I had with Crunchy. The three lasers make up for it, but I will have to train the cruiser skill a bit more to get really kicking.

Asteroid fields, here I come! This will help so much to fund the upcoming skills and equipment. The next step is a medium-sized Mining Barge before I start training for an Exhumer, and that’s expensive enough already. But I will get there eventually 🙂

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