Day 46: A little change

The RuptureA bit tired of all the mining and with an account boasting 11 Million ISK, I thought it was time to try something new, in the form of running a few missions. I have trained my Minmatar Cruiser skill to level 3 to boost Xaraya‘s mining bonus, so incidentally all the available Minmatar cruisers are within my reach. After a quick check with my fellow RMS players I bought a Rupture – callsign Azure Skies – which is slower than the second choice (a Stabber), but much more resilient shield and armor-wise as well as fitting-wise (5 low slots, 3 med and 6 high).

My current setup is still a poor man’s one, but more because of the lack of offensive skills like gunnery and turret skills: I have four Dual Modal Light Laser I‘s with a set of different frequency crystals. Not very effective, but they get the job done for level 1 missions… the massive shields of the Rupture help a lot when I fight several rats at once. For the moment this is only for light entertainment between mining runs, PvP is still waaaaay off, especially since I am not really fond of that aspect of the game.

Traditional space opera with the RuptureOn the mining side I am quite happy with my mining runs – they are really quite profitable now, with the current equipment on Xaraya and using jetcanning, I make about 500k ISK with each run. The combined three lasers yield 2649 ore every cycle, so the 9600 m3 of Fayathea are filling up pretty fast. It is just tiring because you have to stay there the whole time moving the ore into the container. It is much more relaxing to send the Hoarder and forget about it until the computer tells me the asteroid is depleted – but then filling one cargohold takes nearly 3 hours against 20 mins the other way…

So for reference, this is my current mining setup:

A Scythe cruiser
3 x Miner II‘s
3 x Expanded Cargohold I‘s
Mining level 4, +20% mining turret yield
Minmatar Cruiser skill level 3, +60% mining laser yield
Astrogeology level 3, +15% mining turret yield

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