Day 48: Double trouble

I have been thinking of starting a second character for a while, and finally created one. She is a Caldari scientist called Loreena Syrkos, and her first action in the universe of EVE was to make 24 jumps to Ammold V through systems as low as 0.4. Safely there, my main char – AeonOfTime – was able to fund her for the main skills she will need for what I have planned. First off, the aim is to have her fly a Hoarder so that I can make mining runs with both characters at the same time – Aeon mining with Xaraya (Scythe), and Loreena hauling the ore back to base with Thalea, her Hoarder.

The next step then is to specialize Loreena for Refining, so that they can make the most of the joint ore mining venture. Arthonor has a stack of 2Mil Scordite, so once Loreena has the Scordite Processing skill this stack will be worth way more than just selling the raw ore in the Vullat system. Having her train these skills also leaves the path free for Arthonor to get a Hulk, which is still about 50 days off… Like Inigo says in The Princess Bride: “I hate wait.”

On a sidenote, I am now up to 2904 ore yield per cycle with Xaraya thanks to a Mining Laser Upgrade I module and Astogeology level 4 (+20% mining turret yield). Every cycle fills 400 of my Scythe’s 404 m3 big cargohold 🙂

On a side-sidenote, I also just realized that I still do not have the Clarity skill that I wrote about in my second captain’s log entry – but it is much nearer. In three days, I will have the prerequisite Analytical Mind V and start on that. I will need to refine some of my stash of Scordite though…

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