Day 65: The Syrkos Corporation rises

Minmatar station pyrotechnicsLoreena took the time between two long skills to finally train Ethnic Relations I, allowing her to take other races into her corporation. Aeon then made a few quick jumps to Ammold to send in his application and after sorting through all the paperwork, he was finally a member of the Syrkos Corporation.

Sharing Director status, Loreena and Aeon both have all roles to run the corporation, thus also sharing the corporate accounts. This makes things a lot easier to handle – all transactions can now run through the corporation. I am still not sure how to put the corporation to best use, but I think the current advantages are already very handy so there is time to think about it.

Aeon and Loreena will have their hands full the next weeks to further their expensive plans: Loreena is training for a Fenrir, and Aeon is carrying on with his Hulk plans. I prefer not to think of the costs involved, namely 900 Mil for the Fenrir and 500 Mil for the Hulk.

Naturally, the Hulk comes first but there is more than just buying the ship – you have to insure it (even if it does not cover the initial cost), and equip it – strip mining turrets are expensive too. As Minmatar Industrial V is a requirement for freighters, Loreena will at least be able to fly a Mammoth before that, making things a bit easier already.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 1.910.000
Level V skills: 3
Level IV skills: n/a
Known skills: 53
ISK Balance: 986.000
Training: Mining Barge IV

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