Day 67: Skilling up for battle

Gistii RaiderEven a passionate miner like myself needs some change now and then, which is why I have Azure Skies (Rupture) sitting in my hangar, waiting to be unleashed. I have a few agents I have been working for that I have got quite a good standing with already, and running a few missions can be fun too – when they do not include the assassination of disgruntled employees hiding in hollow asteroids.

While my Rupture is a nice enough ship, the lasers I fit on it make no sense. I have a level III Minmatar Cruiser skill, but do not get any weapon bonuses from that – only Amarr ships have laser bonuses. I am not going to change now, not when running missions is only a passtime. Flying an Amarr ship in Minmatar space would be suicide anyway, so for the time being I am stuck with that. In fact I do not really care, the current medium laser turrets I fitted have an optimal range of 40km and get the job done pretty well: I have upgraded my four lasers to Heavy Anode Particle Stream I turrets, still affordable (400k each) but quite powerful, and it makes quite a difference already. Most missions I can jump into, and take out any contacts before they get too near. And just in case, I have a 10MN Afterburner I that propels me at 580m/s to gain some distance. All in all it is getting quite comfortable flying missions, and since they fixed the wrecks display to show those that have loot in them, it’s pleasurable to hunt for equipment again. A few missions more and I will be able to sell off quite an extensive collection again…

It would be nice if could install jump clones in the two stations I use the most though, it is tiresome to have to fly 10 jumps each time I want to switch between mining and combat – my faction standings are not high enough on both bases. Bummer.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 1.973.000
Level V skills: 3
Level IV skills: 10
Known skills: 54
ISK Balance: 743.000
Training: Logic IV

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