Day 68: Missiles testdrive

Convoy explosionRunning a few more missions, I realized that the two Small Knave I Energy Drain modules I had on Azure Skies (Rupture) had become useless, as I can take out just about anything from a distance and have enough powergrid not to need them anymore. I remembered that the Rupture has a launcher hardpoint and decided to give missiles a try. The skills for missiles are broken down into categories, so to be able to mount a launcher and shoot even a basic missile from it, I had to learn Missile Launcher Operation II and Standard Missiles I – of course I jumped into a mission first and learned on-site that being able to mount a launcher on your ship does not mean you can load a missile in it :/

Missile away!When I finally had the required skills, I jumped into another mission and was able to test my missiles on an Angel Cartel convoy, in the form of two Iteron-class ships. I even have this screenshot of my first ever missile en route to target 🙂 I can see that they are powerful weapons, as these missiles already do quite some damage with Aeon’s low-level skillset. I think I will train those up a bit to be able to use them more effectively, especially for those times one of my targets comes too close for my lasers to hit it – then I can switch to missiles for that and keep the lasers on the more distant ones.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 2.080.000
Level V skills: 3
Level IV skills: 11
Known skills: 57
ISK Balance: 2.300.000
Training: Iron Will V

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