Day 93: It’s Hurricane time

Damn and re-damn. I managed to make Syrkos Technologies lose 9.8Mil of its 11Mil capital in one stupid click. Aeon was on Ammold V, and to make the sharing of resources easier with Loreena, I thought it would be nice to have an office there. Being used to the 10.000 ISK an office usually costs, I misread the 9.8Mil an office costs there (!!!!) as 9.800 ISK, thinking my standings brought down the price a little. Before I realized my error, I had already confirmed the rental. Bloody hell! Talk about frustration… now why the heck is an office that expensive there?

Hidden ISK and a Hurricane

The Hurricane in all its gloryBeing nearly broke, I sadly decided that Loreena should start selling off her stash of refined materials that she uses for manufacturing. When she got to her Vullat homestation and checked the prices, I could barely believe it – the entire stash of Pyerite was worth 45Mil. Having never checked the value of her materials before, it came as a total surprise. As there were some very good in-system offers, she quickly sold everything: the Pyerite, Tritanium and Mexallon. After that, Syrkos Technologies was up to 60Mil ISK and I was grinning all the way to the moon. Aeon will have to go mining a bit to restash for manufacturing, but this definitely feels good.

The majestic HurricaneEven the 9.8Mil I lost earlier did not look that bad anymore. However, to keep my mood roller coaster up and running, I contemplated the 440Mil more I need to afford a Hulk – that instantly got me depressed again. I decided it was time to do something to clear those depressing thoughts, and remembered that Aeon had already learned Battlecruisers. I had a look at the available ships in the Heimatar region, and taking good care not to think about the drawbacks of such an operation, promptly bought a Hurricane for 40Mil. Screw those 440Mil, I will get them eventually. After 4 hours for training Battlecruisers II, I jumped into a shuttle and went to get my new ship: a rather impressive Hurricane.

Hurricane model detailsI assembled the ship in the Tongofur system, on the Kaalakiota Corporation Factory station. I called it Crimson Skies, a fitting name seeing the behemoth of a ship it is. Very classy, it is one of the most beautiful Minmatar ships IMHO. I brought it back to Ammold, where Azure Skies (Rupture) was waiting to be stripped bare for Crimson Skies’ benefit. In the additional slots, I added two more Heavy Anode Particle Stream I lasers (for a total of 6), a Barton Reactor Capacitor Recharger I and a Nanofiber Internal Structure I module. I took the ship for a test mission, and jumped right into the 20 Angel cartel ships. With those guns and modules, I was wrecking through them flying at 580m/s… a feast for the eyes. All guns, missile launchers and afterburner running at the same time, and the capacitors were depleting but slowly enough to finish the whole mission and more.

I have my main agent up to 18 quality, so the mission pay gets more interesting but I need to find a level II agent – flying these level I missions in a Hurricane is a bit like whacking flies with a sledgehammer. Not to say it is not satisfying, but a minimum challenge is required…

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 3.116.000
Level V skills: 6
Level IV skills: 8
Known skills: 59
ISK Balance: 3.760.000
Training: Mining Barge V

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