Ship Setup: Crimson Skies

As basis for discussion and inspiration, I have created a new category into which I will post my ship specifications and module fittings, along with a few explanations as to my choices. I have found a few nice references for ship setups, but everybody has its own views and goals…

The following is the current fitting for my Hurricane, Crimson Skies:

Crimson Skies Modules

High slots:
6 x Heavy Anode Particle Stream I medium laser turrets with Radio M crystals
2 x Upgraded ‘Limos’ Standard Missile Bay

Medium slots:
1 x 10MN Afterburner I
1 x Small Shield Booster I
2 x Barton Reactor Capacitor Recharger I

Low slots:
2 x Power Diagnostic System I
1 x Type-D Altered SS Inertial Stabilizers
1 x Nanofiber Internal Structure I
2 x Type-D Altered SS Overdrive Injector

Full stats:

Crimson Skies Specs


Let’s start at the top: I know I mentioned the lasers thing before – I use them because I like them, because they do not use any ammo and because I have the required skills. Losing the ship’s bonus is not such a problem, because there are no missions where it really gets critical. I use the Radio M crystals because they give me a lot of range – I can hit at 49 kms with them.

The afterburner is there because with those medium cannons I have to keep my enemies at range, close-up they are useless. That’s where the launchers come in. They are basic launchers because I do not have the skills for the better ones yet, but they get the job done when a few rats come too close.< The shield booster is really only a safeguard, even if I jump right into a stack of enemies and have to afterburner out under fire, my shield so far never got under 80%. But then again, there are not only rats out there... It is also useful to replenish the shield between missions. The Barton reactors are there to improve the ship's capacitor recharge rate - with all these power-sucking modules you have to be sure to have enough power. The Power Diagnostic modules go hand-in-hand with them, and have additional bonuses for the shield. The inertial stabilizers, Nanofiber structure and Overdrives are all there for speed and agility. Speed is essential in missions if you do not want to fight at close range, but it has other benefits: a good turn rate guarantees you can quickly veer out of a tricky spot and escape potential attackers - rat and non-rat. Additionally, I found it to be much more comfortable for picking up the mission loot 🙂

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