Day 101: Winds of Change

After a long search for new agent contacts, preferably level 2, I was forced to conclude that my standings are not high enough yet. The only ones I could find are quite far off in lowsec, and I would prefer to have them not so far from my current base of operations. My current two agents located in Emolgranlan are at a standing of 8 and 9, but they both belong to the Republic Justice Department. Very useful that – especially since I have no other dealings whatsoever with that corporation…

If you are looking for a nice level 1 agent, check out Dorautori Umbram on Emolgranlan V – Moon 12, she is quality 0, Legal (50% kill, 50% courier).

I have gotten attached to Emolgranlan as I spent a lot of time there, and strangely enough, it feels a bit like home. It is practical too: 0.5 security only one jump away from Ammold, and with a stargate to the lowsec (0.4) Eifer system that is still relatively safe. Putting all this together the decision was harder than I thought, but I am leaving Emolgranlan and my two agents there to their own occupations. Loreena will have to pick up the rest of the corporation’s stash there and unrent our office, then no trace but my standings will be left.

In my new system of choice I have found a good quality level 1 agent that belongs to the corporation that owns the station I refine ore and do all my manufacturing in. This is a much smarter choice already, as I will finally reap the fruits of my standing in several ways at once. I cannot help it though, I do not like this system. It is practical too, but being highsec it does not have the same feel to it. I think I will keep my eyes open for other agents, and who knows – maybe a complete region move?

Anyway, Aeon was getting fed up of running the same missions over and over, from “The Hidden Stash”, “Dirt”, “Illegal Military Presence”, “Mordus Headhunters” to cite but a few to the infamous “The Disgruntled Employee”. When I ran my first few missions last night for the new agent, I was mortified to discover that the missions are all the same… I was blessed right away with the “Dirt” mission to run Soil to a nearby system for 18.000 ISK, followed by “The Hidden Stash” for a mere 35.000 ISK.

Now this is going to be a load of fun.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 3.434.000
Level V skills: 6
Level IV skills: 11
Known skills: 59
ISK Balance: 9.730.000
Training: Afterburner IV

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