Day 149: Training Learning skills

CovetorThe last few weeks have been monotonous EVE-wise, and the next ones will probably not be much better. I have a lot of work to do – which is good, but leaves pretty little playtime. Aeon and Loreena are both training their learning skills, and I figured that in the long term levelling all of them up to level 5 can only be good. Aeon is looking at 80 days (about three months), which is not too bad. Loreena needs about a month more, but then they will be ready for anything I want to do with them.

The Hulk is out of the picture for the moment, as I am still lacking the funds to get one – but the current skillbase is enough to do some good mining operations and level 2 missioning so I will patiently work towards that. Aeon would like to get a Harbinger to take full advantage of the lasers-based setup, but I am not sure whether that would be wise right now. Maybe on a whim I’ll decide to get one 🙂

On the bright side, I finally have my Covetor, which I called “Aramea”. With three deep mining turrets, it is a real pleasure warping out into the asteroid belts. Loreena can now haul up to 12.000m3 with her Mammoth, so their joint mine & haul operations are getting really profitable. Add the new PC I bought to that, where two EVE windows at the same time are not a problem anymore and you get the perfect EVE setup 🙂

In the last few missions, I came accross a few interesting housing modules, so here’s a bit of eye candy:

Floating Casino in HurjafrenNarcotics Housing ModuleThe Sevens Brothel in HurjafrenCorelum Chief Spy in Hurjafren

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