Day 168: Training, training and a Harbinger

Shiny new Harbinger in OremmulfAeon trained a lot of smaller skills lately inbetween my plan to bring all learning skills to level 5, to make missioning a little more pleasurable. This is working out pretty well, essentially bringing up my primary capacitor, shield and gunnery skills to at least level 3 and where possible level 4. Missions like The Blockade are much easier now, as my hitrate has gone up quite a notch. The shield is holding much better now, and all guns + afterburner now imperceptibly deplete the capacitor. Even with my shield booster active I can hold out quite a long time.

This made me look again in the direction of the Amarr battlecruiser, the Harbinger, which has smaller shields than the Hurricane (3516 HP vs. 4297 HP) but has the big advantage of giving laser-related bonuses: 10% reduction in laser capacitor need and 5% laser damage bonus. With my Amarr battlecruiser skill at level 3, that gives me a 15% damage boost and frees a lot of capacitor for other power-hungry modules. Much better for fitting lasers than the Hurricane :/

So I bought one, trained the required skills and proudly named the new ship “Aeonizer”. I outfitted it already, but have to wait now for a testdrive as it is downtime here… I will post again with a review.

Commodity: Dolls
On a sidenote (I just realized I often do sidenotes), can you believe that my level 2 agent actually gave me a courier mission to bring her daughter a present for her birthday? This is what I had in my hold: dolls!. It is not worthy of a mighty spaceship pilot such as myself! The pay was ok for an in-system mission though so I just pretended I had to buy some very important goods on the target station 🙂

Aeon was on a skilling spree, he completed some more level 4 skills: Eidetic Memory, Gunnery, Focus, Energy Systems Operation, Rapid Firing, Negotiation and Amarr Frigate. New skills are Presence, Amarr Cruiser, Amarr Frigate and Fuel Conservation.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 5.900.000
Level V skills: 9
Level IV skills: 19
Known skills: 66
ISK Balance: 5.900.000
Training: Presence III

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