Day 174: Garbage courier

Next time someone asks me to ferry around some dolls I will not complain again. This time my agent wanted me to run a shipment of garbage to another station for reprocessing. Of course I had declined another offer a mission earlier, so I more or less had to do it. Aeon had to use the mission pay to clean out the cargo bays afterwards – if at least they had had a reason for not using the regular waste transport ships…!

So watch out, even if your standing with your agent is maxed out, you can still get shitty jobs – literally.

I am still testing the Aeonizer, and so far I am quite happy with it. The only drawback being that it seems quite a bit less resilient than Crimson Skies, as I had to warp out two times already from missions I had no problem with in the Hurricane. Nothing a bit of shield skills training won’t fix though – and the laser bonuses really do wonders along with the better targeting range (55 Kms) 🙂

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 6.180.000
Level V skills: 9
Level IV skills: 21 (Added Shield Operation and Targeting)
Known skills: 66
ISK Balance: 6.100.000
Training: Amarr Cruiser IV

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