Day 205: Catching up

Associating EVE and Real Life is more a battle than not, but the last few days were less stressful – and I realize I have a bit of catching up to do. Aeon has come quite a ways since the last log entry, as you will notice in the summary at the end of this post. Quite predictably my plans to bring all learning skills to level V have been thwarted by a spontaneous desire to fly an Interceptor 🙂

Aeon has no trouble anymore handling any of the Level 2 missions my agent can bring forth, thanks to his skills but also a few module upgrades (see the detailed setup I posted). This makes missioning that much more profitable time to ISK-wise, and makes up for the slow Loyalty Points rewards increase.

Aeon has his current agent at a standing of 9.7 and 10K Loyalty Points: in the near future, I will be able to install my first jump clone and finally reach out into lowsec without fear of losing all my precious implants. This is also why I am training for an interceptor – those little buggers are some of the fastest and nimble ships around, and with Aeon’s navigation skills this will make movement there that much easier.

I am not entirely there yet however… I still want to buy a Hulk too, but it seems I will have to upgrade my patience to level 10 so that I will not despair waiting for the ISK. Syrkos Corporation is up to 45 Mil now, which is still less than the high of 60 Mil before I bought the Hurricane – but I know it can only get better. Speaking of which, a chunk of that sum comes from sales of Mammoths that Loreena Syrkos acquired a Blueprint for and now manufactures on Vullat (evemail her if you want a special deal)!

Human Cattle, reloaded

Speaking of entertainment, one of these nights I ran the Human Cattle mission again. As usual, I posted about this in the RMS chat and Jal Riddel asked me if I wanted to destroy the army from part 5. This sounded like fun, so we met for the last mission jump and took on the big guys.

Jal was in a Hurricane with an armor tank, so he flew in to aggro only a chunk of the army, which worked fine. Together we dispatched a number of frigates and one battleship before the whole cloud of ships noticed us. From then on, it got dangerous. I got locked on by 5 of the 6 remaining battleships, and a barrage of cruise missiles quickly ate through my shields – booster or not.

By the time I could warp out to an in-system station, the ship had 20% armor left. Jal stayed a while longer, but even his tank could not withstand what was left of the army. We decided to call it a test run and I closed the mission to collect the loot – which was more than nice. One Amarr Navy General tag fetched a whopping 780K by itself. Once split, the loot gave me and Jal about one Mil worth. YAY 🙂

I had to use my share for repairs, the whole damage came to a quote of 870K… I really need to get Aeon a repair module to bring down these horrendous costs.

Anyway, that will have to be done again!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 7.500.000
Level V skills: 11 (Added Navigation, Motion Prediction)
Level IV skills: 22 (Added Targeting, Energy Management, Shield Management, Sharpshooter, Drones)
Known skills: 68
ISK Balance: 6.700.000
Training: Evasive Maneuvering V

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