Day 216: Back to basics

I have switched back to Crimson Skies (Hurricane) for missions. Somehow it is a lot more fun, also through the fact that it has 6800 shield HP vs the Aeonizer’s (Harbinger) 5900 and thus can take quite a bit more damage. I was worried by the loss of the lasers damage bonus, but never even noticed it. I know it’s a big step backwards to the shocking “lasers on a Hurricane?!” effect, but to hell with it 🙂

I am not entirely pigheaded either, so I replaced one of the Cap Recharger IIs with an active shield hardener to see if that does anything. Okay, it does… to the point that I did not need my shield booster at all. This test made me see in a new light what everybody keeps telling me about specialization, only I still do not like it. Opening the fitting screen before each mission, swapping modules (and drones) for the mission’s damage types… I am too darn lazy for that. It damages the fun of just launching into the adventure without thinking.

Here’s a thought: the fitting screen should be able to store fitting schemes. Four of them should be enough, so that I just have to choose a fitting scheme before I jump into a mission and the modules are swapped automagically. As this probably will not happen tomorrow, the only realistic current solution would be to have one ship for each mission type, and only have to switch ships. On second thought, not realistic. At least not until I have found that steady source of billions of ISK per week.

“So”, I thought to myself. Where to go from here? Back to basics is always a good thing, so I tried to look at the whole picture. My current sub-optimal ship setup gets me through level 2 missions quite easily even disregarding everybody’s insistent counselling. However, I want to try and run some level 3 missions – so I think I will have to start listening before I do that if I want to keep my sorry pod’s hull safe.

In light of all this my current plan looks like this:

  • Continue specializing for battlecruisers (fly what you are good at flying)
  • Skill up in core capacitor and shield skills (an armor tank is much better with a good skill-based shield tank)
  • Skill up to make the most of my lasers (go for medium laser specialization)
  • Start using shield hardeners on Crimson Skies (and prepare for swapping frenzy)
  • Skill up for better drones (I love those buggers)
  • Try out other crystals even if it means less range (compensated by the hardeners)
  • Concentrate on the skills I have

Only when I have that working will I go back to the Aeonizer and put together an armor tank, as that requires quite a few skills I either do not have or only at a low level. Aeon’s skills are scattered enough already, I need to focus on those he has now.

Will I really start being reasonable? Knowing myself a little, this plan can change again in the next few hours for the sake of fun. What I do know is that if I should be able to survive level 3 missions without all the specialization stuff, you can be sure Crimson Skies will be happily frying bogies with lasers!

Loreena to the rescue?

On a sidenote (lol), I realized I never mention Loreena Syrkos’ progress much, but she is starting to be an important vector for my corporation. She is the one who processes all the mission loot (having the Scrapmetal Processing skill) and uses that for manufacturing. Between Aeon’s mining runs and the reprocessed loot, I only have to buy a few materials like Isogen or Nocxium from time to time. The last manufacturing run was 10 Mammoths, and the sales made a welcome contribution to the Syrkos Corporation’s funds 🙂 Just this morning, I started a 20 Mammoths manufacturing run… note me if you want one, special blog reader’s price.

Here is a short summary of her char (vs Aeon in brackets):

Skillpoints: 7.200.000 (7.900.000)
Level V skills: 16 (12)
Level IV skills: 9 (23)
Total skills: 39 (68)
Wealth: 2.000.000
Training: Minmatar Frigate V

The frightening part is that she is closing the skillpoints gap – they were a bit over a million skillpoints apart when I started her char, and she has brought that down to about 700.000 skillpoints. It probably has to do with the fact that I chose her attributes specifically for her tasks, and she only trained skills so far that required those attributes. For the Minmatar Frigate skill she reassuringly takes longer than Aeon.

I want to get her standings up to make manufacturing easier, but even courier-only agents have the odd kill mission here and there – so she is currently training for a frigate to take care of those. Actually, she is 10 days away from an assault frigate like the Jaguar, so that will give me an interesting insight into how those behave in a fight. She will only get the skills she needs for that, so she is the essence of specialization 🙂

Okay, enough chatter. It is waffle time – fresh, hot and covered with Nutella. No standard pilot rations here!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 7.900.000
Level V skills: 12 (Added Evasive Maneuvering)
Level IV skills: 23 (Added Drones)
Known skills: 68
ISK Balance: 10.200.000
Training: Amarr Frigate V

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