Bio: Loreena Syrkos

Loreena Syrkos’ life was good in the protection of her family, her studies were progressing well and she showed a lot of promise to enter the ranks of the renowned Caldari scientists conglomerate. She had friends she cared for, and she knew what she wanted her life to look like. Life in our troubled universe being as unpredictable as it is, this was not to happen.

A massive wormhole appeared directly within her home planet’s core, which was obliterated in less than a heartbeat, rendered to pieces and sucked in by the wormhole to an unreachable destination. She escaped the blast by pure luck and the cool mind of the eccentric AeonOfTime. She was conducting surveys of the asteroid belt surrounding Aramea, her home planet and birthplace – as life would have it, only the reckless Aeon agreed to venture out there, and when the wormhole appeared he somehow managed to warp out before the attraction of the wormhole got its whole grip on them.

Everything was gone in mere seconds – there was no one and nothing left that had mattered to her. The aftermath of the encounter between Aramea and the wormhole forced Aeon to jump out of system before even the outer star gates would be destroyed by the blast. He seemed to understand her loss in a peculiar way, and offered to take her with him to Ammold V. Minmatar space? She was in no condition to decide whether that was a good idea, but there was no point in staying either. Nothing was left that she could go back to, so she silently mourned her family and friends while a new, unknown future waited for her on Ammold.

In the years that followed, Aeon became like a new father for her, in his own weird way. He took good care of her, even helping her financially to finish her studies. She still could not fathom him, his obsession with mining and pastime mission contracting, allied with a keen interest in all things scientific. She would spend hours explaining her science projects to him even though he probably understood only a third of what she told him. They both enjoyed it, though.

The time on Ammold was both haunted by memories that grew ever more distant and yet more frightening, but also enjoyable because she was fulfilled in her work – and in her training lessons with Aeon which made her a full-blown pod pilot as she reached 23. Her first launch with Thalea, her hoarder, would be for ever engraved in her memory. It was an old tub salvaged by Aeon on one of his mission runs, but to her it was perfect. From then on, she never stopped studying to perfect herself in scientific research, funding her projects by helping out Aeon on his mining runs, finally creating the Syrkos Technologies corporation and becoming CEO.

More recently, the discovery of the Aramean debris field in Ammatar space led her to bring a new project to life, the Aramean Excavations corporation. Dedicated to salvaging the remnants of her home from among the debris, she was able to enlist the help of her long-lost sister, Anthea Syrkos as well as Sayathea Zoya, their lead archivist. Together they run a permanent exposition of the salvaged Aramean artifacts in their office in the Gamis solar system.

Where she goes from here is yet to be written.

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