Bio: AeonOfTime

He was getting tired of living in this wretched universe. He had seen too much, done too much that could never be forgotten. When he landed on Aramea, he was looking for a job to pay for servicing Crimson Skies, his hurricane. Then he was going to venture out into the lawless outer reaches of this constellation and hopefully be destroyed taking as many of those bastard pirates with him as he could.

But life has its twists and turns that can change futures in only a few seconds. Such was his encounter with Saeroth Syrkos, a local nobleman who was looking for a guarded escort for his daughter, Loreena Syrkos. Her studies required her to survey the asteroid belt around Aramea, and her dear father would not let her go there unguarded.

Aeon really was the best man for the job, having not only the fighting experience to keep her safe, but also the astrosurveying equipment required for the job – his real passion being deep core mining. It was to be a nice mission for once – dangerless, good pay, no jumping and with a rather beautiful young lady. It all went completely wrong, of course.

The survey was going along just fine, and Aeon rather enjoyed Loreena’s company. She was smart, and passionate about everything she did. It was a strange reading from the gravitational sensor banks that told him that something was amiss: Aramea’s gravitational pull suddenly spiked, enough to crush anyone living there to pulp right where they stood. Aeon is not the kind of man to just stand idly by and wait what happens – he immediately activated his emergency warp routine that safely warped them out to a pre-selected stargate.

From there, they were able to witness one of the most improbable events in the known universe: a wormhole appearing at the core of a planet, ripping it apart and projecting the remaining pieces into the unknown. Such a cataclysm it was that they had to jump out of system before the aftermath of that encounter destroyed everything else in-system. The ensuing collapse of the wormhole, overloaded by the mass of the planet, was visible even from their location two systems out.

His instincts had saved him, unwillingly robbing him of this golden opportunity to rid himself of this life in a classier way than going down all guns blazing against a bunch of pirate thugs. He knew why however – his passenger did have a say in this, even though she might have wished she died along with all the others. At least she looked like it when he explained the situation. Then the strangest of things happened, he realized this could give him a new purpose, to take care of this lost child – or at least, make sure he kept his promise to her dead father,

He thought about it for a while, and offered to take her to Ammold with him, and help her in any way he could. To his surprise, she agreed without any discussion and he turned back to Ammold, with the faintest of smiles on his lips for what seemed like the first time in a very long time.

In the next few years, Loreena grew very fast and learned even faster. She amazed him every day, and she had filled his life with such new hope that he was transformed. She even became a pod pilot and now works together with him for their joint venture, the Syrkos Technologies corporation. His demons were still there, but they did not scare him anymore. He was at peace.

What the future holds, is yet to be written.

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