Day 221: Lowsec awaits

After reading the Forsaken Ruins short story on the EVE website yesterday, I decided I would really like to do some sightseeing in lowsec. From the screenshots I have seen, there are some interesting places to visit scenerywise… All I need is a Jumpclone and a small fast frigate without any expensive modules.

I have my current agent’s corporation at 7.25 standing, so I only need to run a few more missions for the required 8.0 and then Aeon will be able to switch into his clone and “safely” (sort of) start on a trek into the outer reaches of EVE. I do not know how far I will get, but after all this time in highsec I feel the urge to find out what lowsec really feels like 🙂

I am thinking of taking Crunchy for that ride – this small Burst-class frigate was my first real ship in EVE, so I find it fitting that it should take me on that voyage. I heard of even shuttles being shot, so I doubt it will keep pirates from such a lowly kill – but then the ship will have had a purpose again.

Now, onto some heavy duty missioning to get those standings up!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 8.170.000
Level V skills: 12
Level IV skills: 25 (Added Medium Energy Turret, Electronics)
Known skills: 68
ISK Balance: 16.000.000
Training: Amarr Frigate V

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