Day 223: The rise of Naeroth

Aeon has finished training Amarr Frigate to level 5 (after 15 bloody days!), so he directly went on with Interceptors. In prediction for this moment I had already picked up the Malediction-class ship I wanted to try out: Aeon was able to undock with “Naeroth” only a few minutes after Interceptors I finished training.

I did not have any modules to make a good fit, so I just took what I had from my extensive loot stash – a few light lasers, a missile launcher, a shield booster, an afterburner and whatever else I could fit. Already in the fitting screen I could see that this would be fun: 640 km/s cruise speed, and a shield rechargerate of 400 sec.

I spoke to Aeon’s agent, and got the Seven’s Brothel mission. I remembered that there was a cruiser and some frigates in that mission, so I did not think long and jumped in the fray. Well it was fun to say the least: the sentry drone did not even hit me at all, the only problem were the missiles from the cruiser and one of the frigates. I was suprised that I managed to finish the missions without having to warp out at all 🙂

It is probably not good for all L2 missions, but I will definitely use it for smaller missions if only because of its amazing speed… 1400 km/s with the 1MN Afterburner II, YAY!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 8.200.000
Level V skills: 13 (Added Amarr Frigate)
Level IV skills: 25
Known skills: 69 (Added Interceptors)
ISK Balance: 8.900.000
Training: Medium Energy Turret V

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