Day 228: The fabulous Human Cattle show

I have done the “Human Cattle” mission quite a few times already, and it is not really that challenging anymore – except if you try to take on the fleet at the end. I tried that with a fellow RMS player a while ago, but we did not have enough firepower in our two battlecruisers.

Last night I had cleared all rooms of the mission once again, and was looking at that big wall of ships at the end from a safe distance. I was actually starting to contemplate trying to take on a small portion of the stack on my own, but decided against it. I asked in our channel if anyone wanted to give it a try – and indeed a player with a Raven responded. To avoid using his real character name, I’ll call him John.

From there on, things got pretty interesting. John claimed that his battleship could tank the whole lot of them, and frankly I had my doubts. When he got to Oremmulf where the encounter was taking place, we realized this would take a while: his Raven was slow (140 km/s), so to get it through the first two rooms we had to be patient. When his ship finally warped to the last room, the game was finally on.

The plan was that John would aggro1 the whole stack, and I would take care of the smaller ships that his cruise missiles are ineffective against. This is where the whole thing turned into an amazing show: John’s raven blasted out a whole burst of 8 cruise missiles, and when they hit one after the other, the first of the enemy battleships was blown to dust. The next salvo was already on its way, and I just sat there watching, gaping even. By the time the cloud of ships started to muster a response, about 6 wrecks were already floating about.

Now the heat was really on, and John was under heavy fire by a bunch of frigates which were the first to reach him – no wonder either, with speeds of up to 1200 km/s. I got aggroed by a few myself, and by the time I got rid of them with my drones and lasers John was already in trouble. He was armor tanking, but had no EM hardeners – most of the damage in this mission is EM though :/ In extremis he was able to warp out to the Genolution Biohazard Containment Facility. An unlucky choice, as that station has no repair shop… To make things even worse, his armor strengthening command bonus did not apply in the station, so his ship was in no condition to undock anymore!2

I flew to Frarn to pick up some armor plates for him, and he fetched a few armor repairer modules to get the ship back into shape. Shortly afterwards we were on our long trek to the final room of the mission again, and we were able to pick up where we left off.

This time, it went quite a bit better. We cleared nearly the whole room before John had to warp out again, and I actually managed to kill quite a few of those blasted frigates. Even my tech 1 drones did an honorable job. I stayed as long as my capacitor lasted, and even got one of the remaining battleships down to about 30% armor. I was satisfied to see that my shield tank worked against two battleships, only the capacitor was a problem.

Needless to say, the third attack was the one that did the trick. It was a very inspiring battle, something to work towards to. I know I will need a lot more training to get there, but this kind of havoc wreaking is definitely worth the wait. I regret not having taken any screenshots, I completely forgot about it – and I had just installed Game Cam3 too. Next time then 🙂

1) to aggro: Getting the “aggression” (attention) of NPC ships by moving near them or targetting/attacking them.

2) The armor strengthening command bonus adds to the armor hitpoints of ships in a gang while they are in-system and undocked, so if your ship has very little armor left, it will have none once you dock. Actually it is even possible to lose a ship this way: if you leave the gang giving the bonus in space and your ship has only a few hitpoints left… *wammo*.

3) Game Cam: very good freeware alternative to Fraps

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 8.500.000
Level V skills: 13
Level IV skills: 24
Known skills: 69
ISK Balance: 13.600.000
Training: Medium Energy Turret V

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