Day 236: Baiter baited

Every now and then, a baiter sets up his traps in the vicinity of stations where new players start. They always use the same technique: jettisoning containers near the station with attractive labels, and then waiting for a newbie player to take a peek inside. As this is an act of “aggression”, the arguably overly curious pilot then gets shot and maybe – depending on the baiter’s character – podded1 too.

Most of the newbie players that fall for such a trap do not even know what hit them, as a multitude of “My ship exploded, what happened?” in the help channel show. Needless to say, I despise people who do this – especially when they do it in front of my starting station, Ammold V. Starting off in EVE is quite difficult as it is without bastards like that getting you shot even during the tutorial.

One of my in-game buddies encountered a baiter at Ammold V, and decided he would confront him. This one was using containers labelled “Free” to attract potential kills… I really wanted to watch the baiter’s demise, so I slipped into Naeroth and jumped to Ammold. I anchored the ship a few clicks from the station to have a good view of the action, and waited a bit while preparations were made.

The corp chat was busy talking strategy – apparently this was not the first time this pilot had baited in Ammold. One of my corp buddies had already dispatched him once a while ago when he was flying a Myrmidon. This time he was in a Thorax, and from scanning his ship we found out it was all pretty basic tech 1 stuff he had. To really ridicule him, my corp buddy decided to outfit a Breacher 🙂

The plan was rather easy: as we found out, our baiter could only hit something at about 7000m – so my corp buddy would approach the container, warp out and straight back in again at 70km to be able to keep him at range. It worked pretty well, except – he locked my buddy once, but did not fire. Apparently this scheme had made our baiter suspicious… He must have guessed I was part of the game too sitting there in my Interceptor, and started a private conversation… asking me whether it was safe to approach my corp buddy. His english was so bad I did not understand what he wanted, nor did he understand my replies.

By this time, Ammold was bursting at the seams. Several other corp buddies had come with their own ships, and people were starting to ask questions in local about what was going on. Right then one of my buddies undocked from the station, in a newbie ship – and took the bait. This time the baiter did not take time to think and shot him – giving my buddy the combat timer, allowing him to fight back if he has the means to do so. As it were, he had 🙂 He undocked again in his Hurricane, but the baiter took the hint rather quickly and used his MWD to quickly get away from the station.

Hovering about 280 kms off from the station, he probably took some time to think. Two of my buddies and myself started to fly towards him, and he finally left the system. It was not a complete victory, but a victory nonetheless 🙂

1) getting podded: getting killed, by having one’s pilot capsule destroyed that is left over when the ship is destroyed.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 8.700.000
Level V skills: 13
Level IV skills: 24
Known skills: 76 (Added Shield Compensation, Explosive Shield Compensation, Thermic Shield Compensation, EM Shield Compensation, Kinetic Shield Compensation, Signature Analysis, Surgical Strike)
ISK Balance: 18.800.000
Training: Medium Energy Turret V

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