Day 247: Adventures collected

How the 120 Mil were spent

A lot has happened lately, and it is a bit difficult to put it into readable form. Where to begin? The best is probably how the Syrkos Corporation’s wallet reached a historic high of 120 Mil, and how Aeon spent it all within a minute. I was really quite proud of that achievement, having earned every single penny mission running, manufacturing, mining and selling materials, reprocessing loot, trading and whatnot.

Someone in my corp chat mentioned that he is now building Maelstroms, and I had reviewed the minmatar battleship specifications a while earlier: the Maelstrom is designed for shield tanking. It is a perfect match for Aeon’s skills, so I asked if I could buy one. Some 120 Mil ISK later Aeon was the proud owner of his first battleship. A few moments later he was also a quite disappointed pod pilot – he could not train that shiny Minmatar Battleship skillbook yet because I had forgotten that he still needed to train Minmatar Cruiser to level IV. He is still looking at a 3 days long wait until he can actually fly the thing :

From what I heard about the maelstrom I think I will not regret my choice. With the available capacitor and shields it will make an impressive improvement over my current battlecruiser fitting. Hopefully I will even be able to start some level 3 missions to increase the time to ISK ratio a bit. Aeon will have to continue improving on his laser skills which I had put on hold (yet again) for that though.

Now the aim has to be at about 200 Mil so that I can finally buy a Hulk for Aeon and give those blasted macrominers a run for their ore. Ideally, Loreena Syrkos should train for one too so she can team up with Aeon and mine the ore away under their rotten feet…!

Encounters and discoveries

Peter from lactic-haze contacted me in-game lately, and has been a good friend by showing me a lot of interesting things about EVE. It is almost as though he wants to make my education 🙂 As soon as he was back in highsec1) he invited me to a complex, as I had never been to one yet. About 8 jumps later, Aeon and Serotta Ottot were in a 0.5 system and warping into the complex – wich had unfortunately just been cleared and was being salvaged. Peter nevertheless recklessly scouted out the remaining two rooms in his shuttle (!), nearly getting blasted in the process. One of the rooms had only a few ships left, so Aeon ventured in.

The few ships happened to be some cruisers, three battleships and a bunch of frigates… I guess that lowsec conditions you to another kind of terminology – I would not have called that a few ships 🙂 I was able to kill a few frigates, and the shield was holding surprisingly well. The raw destruction of the battleships’ missiles were more than a match for Crimson Skies, however. Aeon warped out, but I knew I would be back soon 🙂

I realized that complexes are nothing more than public missions where anyone can jump in anytime. No mission pay, but rather good bounties with those battlecruisers and battleships. Now that Aeon has salvage skills, it should be profitable to combine all that – Peter made about 6 Mil in a morning just clearing the complex.

I went back to the complex alone a while later, and cleared the first room on my own with Crimson Skies until only the Gist Commander battleship was left. I had him into armor when some jerk jumped in and took the kill. I would have torn him to pieces if I could – that was my first battleship…!! It is the way of the game though – respect is nice, but not mandatory. You have to expect stuff like that if you venture into complexes2).

Dusting off a minmatar classic

Peter gave me his old Cyclone as he apparently really hated that ship 🙂 I accepted it joyfully, as it has a reputation to be a good shield tanker with its 4 medium slots that can be used to fit shield hardener modules and boosters. It also has a specific shield boosting bonus like the Maelstrom which none of the other battlecruisers I tested so far had. I flew out to Loguttur in a shuttle, and docked at the station. I considered torching the hangar bay manager “Scotty” for making me wait 11 seconds before I could change ships, but ate some chocolate instead.

The Cyclone really is a Minmatar classic ship that only a few pilots still take out – maybe also because of its rather weird look. Then again, the minmatar style is not exactly known for its eyecandy (except maybe the Hurricane)… Anyway I was finally allowed to board, and named it Svaryell. I undocked and made my way back to my homebase to do some fitting.

For the fitting, I pretty much moved the same setup I had on Crimson Skies to Svaryell with slight adjustments: the Cyclone only has 5 turret hardpoints, so I filled the remaining 3 with light missile launchers. In the mid slots, I added an additional shield hardener and in the lows I kept my array of power diagnostic systems.

I did a few missions, and I must say I quite like this ship. Its design is not so shocking after all, I particularly like the large rear with that array of propulsion thrusters. The front is weird, it somehow reminds me of a train (a bit like the Wreathe) – but I like it. I ran a few missions, and so far it has proven to be a good match for Crimson Skies and the Aeonizer. It definitely has a superior shield tank, but otherwise it is true that the Hurricane is more fun to fly. Nevertheless, the impression of indestructibility the Hurricane gives is more pronounced with this ship.

I like change, so Svaryell is not going to have time to collect dust. The next time I get the Human Cattle or The Blockade missions, I will really test that shield tank. Especially since Peter gave me about a zillion directives on how to fit it, I think I will have a very good addition to my ships collection.

Salvaging? Yes, but blitz-style please.

Peter convinced me to train for salvaging, so now Aeon has started salvaging his mission runs. Quite profitable occupation indeed – even if the prices will eventually drop quite a bit still with all the people who now have the skills and flood the markets with components.

I had refrained from training for salvaging until now because I do not have much time to play – I like to maximize the time I spend missioning, and most of the time I do not loot much anymore. Especially since I moved from speed-based combat tactics to close-up combat with shield tanking, looting the wrecks has become too tedious. Switching ships just to loot 2 or three wrecks does not cut it either.

When I had the salvaging skills, I outfitted Naereth with a tractor beam, three salvager modules and a cargo expander. Now I run the missions, switch to Naereth and salvage like a madman at 1600 m/s. As the salavage components are all very light, cargo space is not a problem – maybe on big missions like Human Cattle, but then a small trip back to base is done in a flash too…

…practical, fun AND profitable. That’s the way I like to play 🙂

1) Apparently, the most difficult thing about lowsec is getting in and out of it, as Peter recounts

2) In Revelations II which is deployed as I write this, complexes will be more dynamic, and thus a lot less prone to the so-called “farming” by players that camp in these complexes and do them over and over again. I look forward to that 🙂 (See the patchnotes)

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 9.200.000
Level V skills: 14
Level IV skills: 24
Known skills: 81
ISK Balance: 10.800.000
Training: Gunnery V

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