Skills distribution 6/2007

EVEMon has a very nice new feature – you can generate pie charts of your skills distribution, a good way to find out what your character is really good at (or not).

These are Aeon and Loreena’s skill distributions respectively:

Aeon’s top 5 areas are (not counting Learning)

» Spaceship Command (2.2 Mil)
» Gunnery (1.5 Mil)
» Navigation (830K)
» Science (820K)
» Industry (550K)

And Loreena’s are

» Spaceship Command (1.8 Mil)
» Industry (1.7 Mil)
» Science (1.2 Mil)
» Gunnery (330K)

…which shows that Loreena is a lot more specialized than Aeon. No wonder either – I play primarily with Aeon, so he’s the one that I try everything with. Loreena is the manufacturer and hauler, so I don’t care if a skill takes a week – I just let it train. She has only 43 skills vs Aeon’s 81, and 19! skills at level 5 vs Aeon’s 14. I really have to specialize Aeon more.

Anyway, giant kudos to the EVEMon team who did and still do a tremendous job!

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