Day 264: The shield tank of doom

…at least as close as I can currently get to one.

But first, let us go back a few days to when Aeon finally had the skills to fly his newly acquired Maelstrom: I sent him to pick it up in Loguttur, and I must say I was more than a bit excited – this is my very first battleship! Aeon christened it “Pax Nemesis” there on the spot, and I took it back to Oremmulf for a testdrive in a few level 2 missions.

Yeah, I know. Swatting flies with a sledgehammer and all – that ship packs a hell of a punch. Feeling boldened beyond reason, I checked that great site for a good highsec level 3 agent, and found one just two jumps away. It took a little while, but I moved all my missioning ships and stuff to the new NPC station and decided it was high time Aeon joined some more serious action.

I have to admit, I was scared shitless when I warped into the first mission. Aeon had at least 160 Mil worth of ship and modules around his pod, and I did not even check the mission info. Fortunately, that “Intercept the Saboteurs” mission was not difficult. The cruisers and frigates were rather easily dispatched.

Things got a lot worse, though. The next mission I got offered was “The Blockade“, notorious for being a hard nut if you do not handle it right. I took the time to check out the mission info first, but still managed to handle it all wrong… I actually triggered all three waves at once. Soon I was flooded in cruisers, including more than a few Arch xxxx ships (T2) that have uncanny damage resitances. I had to warp out pretty quickly, and soon also had to realize that I would not be able to finish this mission on my own. I tried everything I could, but I simply did not have enough time to kill at least one of those cruisers between warping back in at full shields and warping back out before taking too heavy damage.

Fortunately one of my buddies from RMS was in-system, and kindly helped me with his Hurricane by dispatching them while I played bait 🙂 Since then I have modified my fitting a bit again, and invested in some shield supporting rigs to even the odds – the result being a shield tank that now works even better than I expected. I will post the current fitting details a little later.

Anyway, doing level 3 missions is really a lot more rewarding than level 2 ones – the pay is a lot better, as are loyalty point rewards. Salvage and loot is better too, so it is definitely worth the trouble. I have not gotten the level 3 equivalent of “Human Cattle” yet, and I must say I am not exactly looking forward to it. But then, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

On the obligatory sidenote, I switched to a Slasher Minmatar cruiser for looting the missions, it has 500 m3 cargo space and is still quite fast with an afterburner (about 650 m/s). I have three Salvager I and three Tractor Beam I modules on there, so salvaging gets really easy. Naereth was wasted on salvaging anyway, you might say – but then I do not care as long as it gets the job done 🙂

Godspeed to y’all!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 9.800.000
Level V skills: 16 (Added Gunnery and Engineering)
Level IV skills: 23
Known skills: 84 (Added Financial Connections, Shield Rigging and Repair Systems)
ISK Balance: 5.400.000
Training: Small Energy Turret V

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