Frustration, rage and hope

Let me tell you a little story, of a pod pilot who found his little spot in space where he got to feel at home. From Ammold to Emolgranlan and Vullat, even though he had enjoyed his stay he did not really belong.

When he found Oremmulf however, his life changed. There was everything he needed there – from contacts for running missions to plagioclase-laden belts and manufacturing installations. There were a few other miners there, but with a grand total of five including him, there was always enough to mine.

Things suddenly changed however, when he came back after some missioning in Balginia. When he warped to his favorite mining location in his Covetor – now fitted with shiny new plagioclase mining crystals – there was nothing left. A few small veldspar rocks was all, too small to be worth pointing his lasers on.

The balance had been tipped. Oremmulf had been deemed not to be farmed enough, and now there were 9 pod pilots in shiny hulks systematically hacking away at the belts between downtimes. Had they been regular players having fun like himself, he would not have minded – chances would have been that they needed materials for a special venture and be off again after a while.

Not these pilots however, because their pods contain a different kind of entity – one that has been breeded specifically for one single task: mining. In a very real sense they are machines, programmed to do their master’s bidding without conscious thought. And that’s why a rage began to slowly build in our pilot, together with an equal frustration.

It is all a game. It is about having fun, and there is a delicate balance that ensures this. Whoever controls those miner pilots has gone too far, impeding on the realm of the players they “work” for. Before, there was enough to accomodate for everyone – now they just come and take it all. Our pilot knows he must either act, or find a new home.

This is where the frustration comes into play… his rage does not have any means to be channeled into any form of action. Oremmulf is a 0.9 security system, so except bumping there is really not much he can do. Suicide ganking is a remote possibility, but he does not like that idea. It is the helplessness that slowly gnaws away at the fun, the search for a new home that brings new hope but new sacrifices as well.

Only time will tell what will happen when the rage and frustration are finally released, or new hope quenches their fire.

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