Day 285: Portal To War: no kidding!

Many a great invention has sprung from laziness, but I wager that a lot of people through history were also killed by laziness. I was lazy lately, and very nearly joined the ranks of the latter.

My level 3 agent gave me Portal To War, and having done that before without any particular kind of trouble, passed on re-checking the mission report. When I got to part 2 of 5, to that particular room where the first thing you need to do is destroy the control tower, I was utterly unprepared.

I still had the long-range laser crystals active, so 8 times right-click to switch crystals took a while, during which the cruisers and frigates started pounding on my shields just a little too fast. Of course I had also forgotten to activate the shield hardeners (not to mention that they were not the right ones), and when they finally came online half of the shield was gone. I noticed in passing that the shield booster could not keep up with the sheer destructive power Pax Nemesis was now taking, and panic rushed in. I initiated warp to the first thing that I could lock on to, and of course that was exactly the opposite way the ship was facing.

At Pax Nemesis’ turnrate, even gnawing at my fingernails did not help much. I did notice that the control tower was only into armor when warp finally kicked in, but I was too busy staring at my ship’s readouts to make anything of it. 35% structure left of this huge ship, hell that was way too close. In a strange way it was kind of pretty, all that stuff leaking that should not be and this huge trailing column of smoke. I guess onlookers were either smirking fiercely or wondering where I got beat up that bad.

I was alive, yay! Aeon did not have any skills for armor or hull repairers yet, so I set course to the next RMS1 station to pick up the skillbooks, and a quick market session got me the appropriate battleship-sized modules in Rens. Before I even got to the RMS station, a small message in the current chat window marked the beginning of the real ordeal: the control tower had not been destroyed, and the first wave of reinforcements had arrived.

Panic came rushing back and instantly through the roof when I realized I was done for. Pax Nemesis was in no condition to warp back in there now to finish the job, so the reinforcements were going to have all the time in the world to get there. Trying to get my wits together, I first started cursing my sorry lazy self, which helped a little. Then I figured that there could only be that much reinforcements, and that it was nothing the correct hardeners and some warping in & out would not solve.

Heheh, I was completely off the mark again of course. New waves of reinforcements were announced, and I started to think that there was actually not going to be an end to them – “fortunately” they did stop after the fourth wave. I managed to get Pax Nemesis back in shape, fitted the right hardeners, and jumped back into the fray – well prepared this time, reasonably afraid and with a good plan in mind:

– activate the hardeners,
– warp in
– lock the tower
– take it out
– warp out if necessary.

I swear that the instant I got there and had the tower locked, 60% of my shield made pop! and were gone. So before I could say or think “OOOF, no way!” I warped to my new, perfectly aligned bookmark and managed to get out with a whopping 15% of armor left. The overview had been full of red dots, and the size of the scrollbar showed there were lots of spare red dots if I even managed to kill a few.

It did give the mission’s name real meaning… but did not help me much. I knew for a fact now that I could not do this alone. I may be thick-headed, but that fact was large enough to seep through. I considered cancelling the mission, but I do not like giving up. Instead I asked in my corp channel if someone was crazy enough to come help me, and got DeadlyDealer to join me with his Raven.

I refitted a bit while he was on the way, adding double EM and Thermal hardeners to bring the resists up to 80% EM and 78% Thermal – better but still not good enough. A Large Shield Extender I was to provide an additional buffer, and I also added a Damage Control I in case I wanted to structure tank a bit again.

DeadlyDealer warped in first, as his armor tank was better than my shield tank. We managed to kill a cruiser and a couple of frigs before we were both swamped – it was crazy. DeadlyDealer went back to base to fetch his Drake, but even though that lasted longer it did not have enough DPS2 to make a difference. We agreed that this room was not doable unless we brought in some additional ships – I was already 2 hours past my bedtime, so we decided to try it again the next day.

I was looking forward to the challenge, but I was not able to go online before the daily downtime, and the mission reset. In the end I was thankful, because there was no one left at that time to help me and I was able to destroy the control tower properly 🙂 Laziness and overconfidence – not a good mix in EVE, even when “only” running missions!

1) RMS: Republic Military School

2) DPS: Damage Per Second

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 10.700.000
Level V skills: 17
Level IV skills: 27
Known skills: 92
ISK Balance: 19.000.000
Training: Amarr Cruiser V

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