Day 304: Deserted gold mine

This morning, on a whim, I took Aeon on an 18-jump trip with Aramea (his Covetor). The destination was a 0.8 system I had scouted out a few months ago when the macrominers in Oremmulf really started to frustrate me. My petition regarding them has been closed without a solution, so it was time to replace the frustration with some action – and lo! It was even better than I remembered it.

When Aeon got there, the system was empty – and its 16 belts of virgin, ripe and shiny roids were waiting to be picked in all their glory. But that was not all… it has a nice NPC station with all essential services, and the constellation it lies in is just – well, beautiful.

No, I will not tell which system 🙂

On the traditional sidenote, Aeon has come a long way since the last log entry – and the skill priorities have changed somewhat. I joined the Amarr channel lately to try and get some information on how to fit Pax Nemesis II (Aeon’s Abaddon) properly – with large turrets and an armor tank – and I was surprised at how helpful they were, seeing that Aeon is a Minmatar char. My original plan was to train him for large turret specialization, but those tech 2 turrets just use up too much CPU and capacitor. You can fit less of them, so you more than make up for that by fitting more named ones.

To better use the ship’s armor tanking capabilities with the nice bonuses to armor resistances per level of the Amarr Battleship skill, Aeon has to train a few things up like Hull Upgrades to fit some passive or active hardeners. A few capacitor support rigs will have to be fitted to make sure the guns and armor repairers have enough – like a Capacitor Control Circuit I and Egress Port Maximizer I. First he has to finish training Amarr Cruiser to level five, then it’s off to those skills and finally make a real battleship out of Pax Nemesis II 🙂

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 11.500.000
Level V skills: 19
Level IV skills: 26
Known skills: 98
ISK Balance: 22.000.000
Training: Amarr Cruiser V

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