Day 312: Taking mining one notch further

After finding that nice new macrofreeTM 0.7 security system to mine in, I decided it was high time to upgrade Aeon’s mining capabilities. I made him mine like a madman for two days, and called Loreena in with Sayathos – which has recently been “pimped” to carry 22.000 m3 – to refine and haul the whole stash. With all that Plagioclase and Omber, the corporation’s wallet ended up with a healthy 125 Mil. It took five hauling runs with 36 jumps each to bring all back to Rens. During the process, I realized how expectations can rise over time: exactly 259 days ago, Aeon was hauling 18 Rifters using a Hoarder, for a maximum of 2 Million ISK profit 🙂

The aim was to reach 150 million to buy a Hulk, but fortunately that was not necessary – when I rechecked the market, there was one for sale in Pator for a stunning 125 million. Needless to say, I bought it before anyone else would notice (incidentally, they currently sell for about 110 million). As always Aeon had to wait a full day before he could fly the ship, as Exhumers III had to finish training – but then he flew to Pator, christened the ship and took it on its maiden voyage. I called it Anamoth Lael, and it went directly to Aeon’s mining spot to relieve Natayos of its duties.

I have to say, I had always been a little sceptic as to why the Hulk should be that much better than a Covetor. It has the same amount of turret hardpoints, so only the additional Exhumers bonus does something for the mining amount… But it is much better in all other aspects. It has great shield resists, a real capacitor that does not deplete entirely when activating the three laser turrets, and three more medium slots for defensive modules like a shield booster and hardener. The real “clou” is the cargo capacity though: 8.000 m3… No wonder macrominers do not jetcan anymore – with two Expanded Cargohold IIs and two Cargohold Optimization II rigs, a Hulk can easily be upgraded to about 16.000 m3!

Anyway, after the operation the Syrkos Technologies Corporation was broke again, a mere 1.5 million in its wallet. It is going to take some serious mining again to get that back up, as well as some missioning. A shame Aeon cannot run level 4 missions yet – the pay, loot and salvage are much better than level 3 missions.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 11.900.000
Level V skills: 19
Level IV skills: 27
Known skills: 99
ISK Balance: 8.700.000
Training: Exhumers IV

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