Brute power tank

After someone from my favorite chat channel told me to switch my Power Diagnostic System IIs with Capacitor Power Relay IIs, I made the way back to Rens to buy some of those, and spent a good hour changing Pax Nemesis II’s fitting. Having just come from a big fight with several Arch Angel battlecruisers that put the ship to its knees, I knew one armor repairer and one mission-specific hardener was not enough of a tank yet. While I was toying around with the capacitor relays, I was amazed at the capacitor recharge rate I could get and did what I do best – complete nonsense.

I fitted two large armor repairers and every capacitor support module I could, and undocked. Behold the raw power this setup provides: 154 sec recharge rate for a total of 7650 capacitor. I can activate all modules except the guns and run them indefinitely – perfect when you need to recover in the midst of battle. The two armor repairers combined with the Auxiliary Nano Pump should be able to take care of a lot of damage – I have yet to really test this, as I did not get any challenging missions so far – but it is way better than my previous setup.

The good thing is, as soon as I get my laser skills further up, I’ll be able to free some lows/highs for additional gun support modules like a target painter or tracking enhancer.

Installed modules and rigs:

High slots
4x Tachyon Beam Laser I (Large)
4x Heavy Beam Laser II (Medium)

Med Slots
1x Optical Tracking Computer I 1.12x range, 1.24x tracking speed
1x F-90 Positional Sensor Subroutines +60% targeting range, +60% scan resolution
2x Cap Recharger II +20% cap recharge rate

Low slots
4x Capacitor Power Relay II -11% shield boost, +24% cap recharge rate
2x Large ‘Accomodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I Best named repairer
1x N-Type Explosive Hardener I 50% active explosive bonus

2x Capacitor Control Circuit I -15% recharge time reduction
1x Auxiliary Nano Pump I +15% repair bonus, -10% speed

Full stats of this setup:

Gun ranges with active sensor booster:

– Radio crystals: 120 km (large) 62 km (med)
– XRay crystals: 65 km (large) 32 km (med)
– Multifrequency crystals: 50 km (large) 20km (med)

My personal comments:

I am not going for large guns only yet, as the medium ones are very handy when cruisers or battlecruisers come too near, which happens fairly often at 126 m/s. Ultimately I want my drones to handle those, but with 69.200 skill points in Drones that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

What do you think? Am I improving, or is this just too much/noobish/crazy/stupid as always 😉

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