Day 331: Journey into lowsec

Exactly the type of thing one should probably not do unprepared and on an impulse: hop into a jumpclone, outift a small cruiser with six Warp Core Stabilizer I modules and head out 38 jumps into lowsec. Why? Because in all likelihood you will not make it. The key word being “unprepared”. Regarding lowsec, I am as much a noob as you can be. The most time I spent there was fifteen minutes, and that was in systems controlled by friendlies…

So what brought this on? Well, I was mining happily when I started thinking about how pretty it must be in lowsec, seeing how much prettier lower security systems like 0.5 to 0.7 can be, with nebulae and stars that literally blow you away. This precipitated my jump cloning back to Balginia, where I had a Maller doing nothing, as well as some Warp Core Stabilizer modules I looted. In utter noobishness, I just fitted the six Warp Core Stabilizers and nothing else. I figured that if I had no guns nor cargo, pirates would leave me be – and if anyone tried to warp scamble me, I would be fine. On second thought, I loaded as much metal scraps into my ship’s hold as it could take. If I was to go down, at least they would not get anything remotely valuable. Theoretically, hmmmkay. In practice, here is what happened:

I plotted a course deep into the outer reaches of the 7-KXBJ region, to the ZS-PNI system to be exact, and started jumping. I trained a bit clicking in the overview to minimize the time I needed to initiate the jumps and warp to the next stargate, then finally started my journey into 0.0. The first two systems were no trouble at all, there was no one there. In the third, I materialized right under a bubble – and warped away in a flash as I noticed a bunch of ships sitting there. As the system had an interesting green-hued nebula, when I reached the outbound stargate I veered around and warped to a planet to take some screenshots.

When I had done the screenshots, I realized I had some company. A small ship that had been at the bubble had warped in not far off, and was heading straight for me. Confident in my WCSs, I warped back out to the stargate and jumped to the next system. My newfound friend was on my heels, and I quickly jumped to the next stargate in my course – only to find him already at the gate. Sure – Interdictors warp a lot faster than cruisers… Again I jumped, only to find myself caught in a nice, big bubble. You can fit as many WCSs as you like, bubbles are stronger.

So it happened that I just sat there, bubbled and webbed, and unit003 took his time blasting me to oblivion. It was not fun, not honorable, just plain stupid and I cursed myself. I had nothing to retaliate, and as he was making fun of my noobishness I realized he was in just for the kill. The chase had been interesting, but now even though I was defenceless he still needed his kill. That’s lawless space for you – honor is a luxury; it is not required.

Victim: AeonOfTime
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Syrkos Technologies
Destroyed: Capsule
System: ZS-PNI
Security: 0.0

Involved parties:

Name: unit003 (laid the final blow)
Security: 4.9
Alliance: INVICTUS.
Corp: eXceed Inc.
Ship: Flycatcher
Weapon: Thorn Rage Rocket

Putting the operation into perspective, chances are I was subsconsciously eager to finally lose my podding virginity 😛 Now that is done, I will have to equip myself for some real blockade running and give them bastards a real run for their kill. From what intel I was able to gather afterwards, blockade running is an art. Bubbles get you everytime, and there are a lot of those around. The best workaround for them is having a microwarpdrive installed, and get out as fast as you can – before anyone can lock and web you. If you get webbed, fighting is your only chance! Making the foray into lowsec right after downtime helps too, as it takes time to put up the bubbles.

I’ll do better next time. And if not then, the one after that. I WILL do my sightseeing tour!

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 12.700.000
Level V skills: 20 (Added Amarr Cruiser V)
Level IV skills: 27
Known skills: 100
ISK Balance: 23.000.000
Training: Energy Management V

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