Day 335: Pax Nemesis II’s downfall…

…was the Rogue Slave Trader 2/2 mission. Not that it would have been any trouble under normal circumstances – I jumped in and started shooting things as usual. Only the game became unresponsive, and after a few minutes told me the connection had been lost. Another perfect strike by my ISP, which is specialized in “slow” disconnects: the line stays connected, but next to no data gets through – enough for EVE to stay online a while though, enough to keep off the disconnect safeguards that warp your ship automatically to a safespot…

When I logged back in a while later, I could not believe my eyes – of Pax Nemesis II only a wreck was left, my pod hidden somewhere in the rubble. Apparently the command to activate the armor hardener and repairer hat not gone through, giving those blasted Arch Corpii the perfect occasion to tear through everything – my ISP providing the necessary timeframe. Aeon was safe of course, the Corpii ships circling around the wreck like scavengers. When I came back to my senses, I had Aeon warp back to base. Fortunately, a few days ago Aeon had gone back to Balginia, to fit the Aeonizer properly again and bring it back to my new missioning base. He hopped into it, and warped back into the mission room.

First things first, I salvaged the wreck but there was not much to be saved. A few drones and two modules was all. From then on, it was pure Corpii carnage, with the ship’s armor tank holding out at a mere 25-30% up until four minutes before downtime. Satisfied, I handed in the mission and sat back to think. After a quick calculation, I realized I had just lost about 270 Million worth of ship, modules and rigs. I stared at the number, and seriously considered taking my Lochaber Axe from the wall and pay a visit to my ISP’s local office.

Hell, I petitioned the thing, but that ship won’t be the same if they refund it. In the end, there is a lesson in every defeat – next time the hardener and armor repairer will be running when I jump into a mission room.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 12.900.000
Level V skills: 20
Level IV skills: 27
Known skills: 100
ISK Balance: 6.000.000
Training: Energy Management V

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