Day 380: Moving again

I have been asking myself for a while what to do with my second character, Loreena Syrkos, and have found her skillset to be fit for manufacturing – at least fitter than Aeon’s. Unfortunately, she has next to no standing with anyone as I have not played with her much. The only standing she has is the derived standing through my corporation. The idea is to get her standings up a bit more through Aeon’s missioning, but then I have to make sure he runs missions for the corporation she uses for her manufacturing. I then started a two-day search for an NPC corporation and station that would fit my needs:

– Have some decent corp standings
– Have at least one level 3 agent Aeon can run missions with
– Always have free manufacturing slots
– Not be too far away from Rens for hauling the stuff to sell
– Not be too high sec, 0.6 or preferably 0.5
– Have all services in-system if not in-station
– Be quiet 🙂

In the end, I decided to work for the Republic Parliament corporation which has two systems fitting the criteria and some agents within direct reach. In a three-day operation, I also used to occasion to collect all my leftover assets and move them to the new system. Moving the minerals I had stashed away was the biggest part of the chore, with Aeon and Loreena both hauling in unison. In the end, I was more than satisfied with having everything in one system. Only exception: my mining operation – that is still way out, and will stay there unless a deadly virus suddenly eradicates macrominers.

Back to Loreena’s role: Aeon made a trip to Amarr space recently to buy some Amarr-specific blueprints, and now she has a healthy little selection of ships and modules to manufacture. With Aeon helping to provide the necessary salvage components, I was even able to build my first self-provided rig – a Salvage Tackle I. I have gotten used to salvaging my missions, and recently refitted Crimson Skies as a “Salvacane”: 2000 m2 cargo space and 4 x Salvager I + 4 x Small Tractor Beam I. I know it hurts to defile such a fine ship that way, but it is just perfect for the job. Ultimately I would like to fit three Salvage Tackle rigs to make it a specialized Salvager.

The only problem with manufacturing is that you will not be able to make any real profits against the competition with pristine blueprints, because then you will use up more materials than the pros who have done material research on them. When you start looking for ME research slots in highsec though, be prepared for an average of 25 days wait for the next free slots. Fortunately, making friends helps. Someone from my regular chat channel is in a corporation of the Zzz alliance, a group of science and manufacturing enthusiasts. If you follow EVE news a bit, you may have heard of them lately as a mercenary corp wardecced them. Anyway, I gave him a set of blueprints, and for a small fee he is doing the ME research on them for me. A very handy exchange in my opinion, as both parties reap the benefits.

Now I am waiting for the research to be finished, and in the meantime Loreena is working on a skillplan dedicated to manufacturing, with Production Efficiency V first on the list (5% material waste reduction per level). Then I will try to crash a few market parties! Using my set of game utilities, I had a look at what my current stock is worth, and was quite surprised to see that I have about 230 Mil worth of salvage and materials in my hangar. That should help to build a few things alright 🙂

On a sidenote, I have not done any advanced calculations to find out how many manufacturing runs I will need to make good on my investment (blueprint prices and research costs). In fact, I do not even care. I have a feeling I would not have started this venture otherwise, and now that the money is gone, I do not miss it. I look forward to the manufacturing part, even if it ends up being only for myself and my friends. As always, fun takes precedence 🙂

And here’s for some eyecandy:

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 15.100.000
Level V skills: 26
Level IV skills: 26
Known skills: 104
ISK Balance: 10.000.000
Training: Plagioclase Processing IV

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