Zealot Heavy Assault Ship

This is the fitting I currently use on Dark Horizons, my Amarr Heavy Assault Ship:

High slots:

4 x Heavy Beam Laser II
1 x Salvager I

Medium Slots:

1 x X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator (Webifier, best named one)
1 x Tracking Computer II
1 x Peripheral Weapon Navigation Diameter (Target painter, best named one)

Low Slots:

3 x Capacitor Power Relay II
1 x Damage Control II
1 x Heat Sink II
1 x Medium Armor Repairer II
1 x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II


1 x Capacitor Control Circuit I

With my current skills, that gives these specs:

I can run all modules indefinitely with this setup, so I never have to worry about capacitor problems. That makes it a very nice alternative for level 3 missions for example.

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