Day 451: Back to basics

After all the mission running, complex running, ratting, trading and moving from A to Z, I had to relax a bit. So I hopped into my speed monster “Naeroth” (Malediction) and made the sixteen-jump trip out to my mining system. I have not mined in a long time, and had not yet seen “Anamoth Lael” (Hulk) in its new Trinity-powered shape. I must say exhumers in general look a hell of a lot better now – they are more angular for one, giving them an air of pure competence and efficiency. I have not witnessed the “Pink paintjob” everyone talks about so far, on mine the colored patches are all orange. My guess is, this is like the color of a solar system’s star having an effect on the hue of the ship itself. I mine in a brown-orange-ish system, so it is possible a blue star would make those patches pink…

Anyway, I like the new Hulk and have rediscovered mining. It is tremendously relaxing, and highly profitable too. It is not like level 3 missions do not pay the bills, but mining is definitely a better time investment. From what I heard, this is different with level 4 missions, but after a failed attempt at them a while back I am waiting to complete my level 4 preparation skillplan (90 days to go) to try that again. The all-time highs in my wallet have always been after mining “lapses”, so I am going to mine for as long as I enjoy it and see what comes of it 🙂

The belt I am mining in is nice and quiet, and has Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase and Omber. I made a point of training Omber Processing to be able to use the specialty crystals, and going for level 4 to use the tech II ones. I found that the ore value comparison table at battleclinic is probably wrong about listing Plagioclase at 23 ISK per unit vs 12 ISK for Omber (for the highest value subtypes). Seeing how valuable Isogen (a product of refining Omber) is at the moment, Omber is better value – they must be basing their values on obsolete market data. Even so, it is much better to be able to warp to a belt bookmark with all crystal types in the hold and just mine everything in sight methodically. Aeon still needs to train for Veldspar though, then he will leave nothing behind but the cold void of space. Chribba would probably cringe at hearing that as a miner, I am only training Veldspar processing now 🙂

Loreena has flown in from Domain to help, with a locally bought Mammoth she hauls all the ore back to base. Aeon just flies into a belt and mines to his heart’s content. I use a jetcan to transfer the ore, but as Loreena picks it up directly there is no problem with potential can stealers. The stash of ore is increasing nicely, and I think this time I will wait a while before I refine it all. A courier contract for the refined materials will be a lot more comfortable than the unending hauling trips – if the price is right of course.

Aeon’s wallet being at a new low of about six million ISK, I will have to let him mine for quite a while. I am not sure yet as to what I will invest that money in, but I am sure it will not be cheap. Apart maybe from civilian shield boosters nothing is really cheap in EVE! Although… A friend in-game actually managed to sell two civilian shield boosters for 12 million each, so even those things can be quite expensive… 🙂

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 18.300.000
Level V skills: 31
Level IV skills: 30
Known skills: 114
ISK Balance: 7.000.000
Training: Omber Processing IV

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