Day 684: Ready to wreak some havoc

Nothing better than a seasonal break to put a few things back into place. I played through Mass Effect three times, an all-time record for playthroughs of any game I have ever played. There were no precedents at all, even. I started a second character in Morrowind, but stopped playing shortly thereafter. If you like scifi (which is likely if you play EVE…) and RPGs, I can only recommend Mass Effect. It turned my world upside down there for a while, and a game with some girl-girl action can not be all bad, now can it?

But let’s get back to the game at hand. Aeon is only ten days away from Amarr Battleship V, which will help a bit (5% more turret damage and 5% more armor resistances), even if not tremendously considering the time invested (34 days total). However, if I want to take Aeon further into the realm of EVE’s ship goodness it is slowly becoming a must-have. If he ever manages to decide which way he wants to go that is… it merits some thought.

Catching up

News have been scarce of late, but a number of things happened before I took my summer break that are worth noting. Sharon Valer11, an alt of my good friend Serotta Ortot, had joined Sytek for a while – “hiding out” as he used to say, to avoid being flagged as a macrominer. A name with numbers in it and virtually no standing when he bought her, I can’t blame him… But I do blame him for leaving the corp again to create his own 🙂 Sharon’s boobs were a ray of light in the corp, even if none of us were allowed to get near them (sorry, insider joke).

Now Sharon runs her own POS with highsec research slots, I will post some details when she is ready to go public with the research services. Highsec research slots are always a nice commodity, so this may be interesting to a few people I think, myself included. And it is always good to know who you are dealing with, in this case a great friend I know I can trust.

On Aeon’s front I made a few expenses (read “OUCH”) and bought a second Abaddon to be able to manage two different fittings, one with beam lasers and one with pulses including two different rig setups. The pulse setup is my current favorite, it packs a way heavier punch albeit at close range.

PvP, here I come!

Well, not really. I still do not like it, but I wanted to learn a bit more about it to at least have a fighting chance if Aeon has to defend himself or to protect corp buddies in need. I dusted off the Aeonizer, and spent quite a while searching the battleclinic loadouts for PvP setups followed by a heavy-duty EFT session. I ended up with a pretty unorthodox setup for my usual playstyle (sorry, this one’s staying secret for obvious reasons!) and only needed a few testdrives.

I got to make a few sparring sessions with a more experienced corp buddy, and while the fights themselves were all pretty even (I won one, the other two I think he would have won) it showed me that I am not quite as defenseless as I always believed – especially since his char is one year older than Aeon, and he regularly takes PvP courses. I still lack the experience, but I know the key elements now. I am still not going into lowsec/nullsec anytime soon though – not until I have found a way to earn ISK that suits me and my playing time, other than mining 🙂

Wreaking havoc

Yes, that’s definitely what I intend to do. Run some level 4 missions, snoop out some complexes in highsec and blast everything that so much as looks like a red dot in the overview. I have to catch up on my quota of angel ships per month, so I will have to squeeze my agent very hard as long as some level 4 agents are still in highsec – hint at the current forum discussions on how all level 4 agents should be moved to nullsec. A load of horsedung in my opinion, I don’t think CCP will shoot themselves in the foot like that. Add a few more level 4 agents in nullsec, maybe. But not remove them from highsec altogether.

Now that Aeon has Heavy Assault Ships V, I also have to dust off my Zealot again and try to build a fit that works. I currently use the ship for probing (don’t laugh – I have a perfectly sane reason for doing so!), but I have to really put that skill to use. I think some EFT sessions are in order 🙂

LTT design

On the ever-present sidenote, I did a design for the LTT (League of the Tiger and Tentacle) corporation website, which I still have to slice and splice to build the website with. We hang out in the same channel ingame, and when they saw the Sytek website they asked if I could make one for them. They had to wait quite a while to get it, but it’s finally here.

The challenge in these designs is building something attractive that will still work in the ingame browser. That’s why most of the graphical work is done in the header and footer – the content part is simplistic on purpose so that it will still display alright in the browser. You can have a look at the design on my DeviantART page.

If you want one for your own corp, I am open for commissions. Evemail me for a quote – I can do both the design and development. I use a homebrewed, EVE-specific framework built on PHP that the Sytek website runs on. Beyond that, I also provide professional RL web design and development via my france-based company, Mistralys.

Aeon's Status:
Skillpoints: 28.600.000
Level V skills: 41
Level IV skills: 44
Known skills: 132
ISK Balance: 40.000.000
Training: Amarr Battleship V

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