New EVE acronym: NVP

A few key excerpts from the most recent dev blog about the upcoming NPC AI upgrades in the Apocrypha expansion:

  • We want to offer our players true PvE challenge, requiring real team effort and proper gang coordination.
  • (NPCs) have comparable player attributes and thus require variations of PvP fits to engage.
  • (NPCs) are going to make logical target choices depending on the most threatening targets available.

Ho-hum. I do not know yet whether to cry for joy or shiver in fear. Are my solo playing days over? *gasp*

A tanker's dream - soon over?

No really, good stuff. I am always up for new challenges, and even though I fear change just like a lot of other players (which are usually terminally prone to forum whining), I am actually really looking forward to this. Of course it is sooo comfortable just to warp into a mission and take out one pocket after the other with your logistic support ships orbiting unmolested… but it does turn into a mindless grind after a while. We do not even have to press F1 through F8 anymore, a simple F1 is enough with weapon grouping. You can even map a key to give your drones the attack order.

By the way, this should be terrific news for all who complain that EVE is becoming way too mainstream and WoW-like (blasphemy!). NPCs with player attributes and a hint of intelligence? Uh-oh. That you need variations of PvP fits to engage? Oh my. Now THAT’s going to give EVE’s learning curve a further leap into the upper reaches of the MMO comparison charts. Just imagine those already inflated egos bragging about how they dispatched that Sleeper spawn with a mining laser and a civilian shield booster.

And I thought Hoborak Moon was a rather tough nut to crack – he just has a slightly better fit than others.

Go on undeterred, guys. I am a carebear at heart, but hell – I wish you would implement these changes in one go. Upgrade all NPCs at once, and let me watch the NVP* fragfest. I will gladly join the thrill!

* NVP: Non-player character versus Player. “‘Cause now we’re the friggin’ prey!” – anonymous

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