Howto: Build a fast autopiloting ship

EVE Online’s world is quite vast, and as a result a lot of a Capsuleer’s life is spent jumping around the place to get where you need to be. More often than not you will need something that’s quite a few jumps off, like that module you need for your ship’s new fitting. I often find myself hopping around between regions as well, especially since most interesting contracts seem to be on the other end of the universe 🙂

In those cases, if your cargo does not require a cargohold bigger than about 130 m3 you should think about building yourself a ship specifically for those trips. You will be amazed at how much easier your life can get!

But first off, let’s look at what makes the difference when jumping around (ordered by importance, assuming you’re on autopilot):

1) Warp speed
2) Turn rate
3) Base speed

The warp speed is the most important part, as you spend most of your time flying through systems on your way to the next stargate. Many systems are pretty big, meaning you will have to warp 100+ AU. If you want to speed things up, warp speed is key. Turn rate makes you initiate warp faster after jumping through a gate, and the base speed will reduce the time your ship spends on the 15 kms the autopilot uses as a safe warp zone.

There are a few ship classes in EVE that have increased warp speed, I have compiled a short overview:

As you can see, the fastest warping ships are frigate-sized specialty ships with 13.5 AU per second. Every race has them, so you will not have to cross-train to get the fastest one out there. But let’s take a better look at the selection of ships that gives us:

Covert Ops:

Anathema: 282 m/s
Buzzard: 306 m/s
Helios: 320 m/s
Cheetah: 381 m/s


Malediction: 435 m/s
Raptor: 415 m/s
Ares: 450 m/s
Stiletto: 435 m/s

Covert ops have the big advantage of being able to fit cloaking devices so you can move around undetected with your valuable cargo, but personally I prefer the comfort of the interceptors – but the choice is yours, both work pretty well even if interceptors are quite a bit faster base speed wise. Let’s have a look at how to fit one of these beauties to make the most of it. I will take the Malediction as example, as that’s the one I use.

High Slots:
Whatever you like / can fit

Med Slots:
Any Microwarpdrive you can fit
Anything else you like / can fit

Low Slots:
Inertia Stabilizers II
Overdrive Injector System II
Overdrive Injector System II

Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

This fit gives you 19.4 warp speed, about 680 m/s base speed and around 4.500 m/s with the Microwarpdrive (depending on skills). There are a lot of variations to this fitting, the key being the two rigs. If you need more cargo space, replace or remove the overdrives as they greatly reduce your cargo space.

You might ask what the Microwarpdrive is for, well there’s a little trick I use 🙂 Put the module on one of the F1-F12 keys, and then once the autopilot is engaged, press the microwarpdrive key and block it with something so it stays pressed. That way, when the module can be activated (when approaching a stargate), it will automatically be activated and one burst usually gets you to the stargate in a jiffy. Another use is if you autopilot semi-afk and occasionally engage the microwarpdrive to speed things up.

With a ship like that, hopping between regions becomes almost bearable 🙂

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