Crystalline Trouble Revisited finished with grand finale

Almost a year in the making (on and off), and finally completed: a short story freely set in New Eden.

24 chapters with a grand finale, which are available to read right here:

Synopsis: “Meet Tarellek Malear, engineer on Alea Zatar’s Abaddon class battleship “Anthea” and his peculiar relationship to the ship’s pilot. Discover more about the intrepid crews manning these massive ships and see how the people behind the scenes help making a difference in a fight. Follow the ship and its crew as they rush head-on into a suicide mission and strive to survive against insurmountable odds.

Pitted against the ruthless Angel Cartel commander Agdelger Ruflaner, Alea escapes into an uncharted rock field prone to EM storms and an even more dangerous secret at its core.”

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