Howto: Custom resist profiles in EFT

This short guide will show you how to use EFT’s (Eve Fitting Tool) custom resist profiles. By default EFT calculates its defence rating based on a uniform damage distribution over all damage types (EM, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive), but you can add profiles to see how well your ship fares against just EM damage for example.

We’re going to add the Guristas as a custom profile, they do Kinetic and Thermal damage. To get started, right-click the defence rating area in EFT:

Select “Edit custom profiles”, that will display a popup window. Add a new profile as shown, and enter a name for it (“Guristas” for example):

Now we can fill in the values for the damage. As far as I know the Kinetic and Thermal damage the guristas deal is spread fairly evenly, so we can split it up 50/50. It will vary from one NPC ship to another, but those values are okay for what we want to do. Here’s how my profile looks:

You can close the popup, the profile has already been added and saved. Now when you want to see the defence rating against the Guristas, just right-click the defence rating area again, and select your profile from the list:

That’s it. Once you have added all common NPC profiles you can switch between them very easily.

To avoid having to add everything manually though, I have a list here with the most common damage profiles – simply copy this list and append it to your EFT config.ini file.

DamageProfile=Blood raider,613,570,60,0
DamageProfile=Gallente federation,25,781,1127,0
DamageProfile=Minmatar republic,615,310,815,1633
DamageProfile=Amarr empire,1204,1349,0,0
DamageProfile=Caldari state,0,795,944,0
DamageProfile=Rogue Drones,86,91,281,964

2 Responses to “Howto: Custom resist profiles in EFT”

  • Jack Russul Says:

    I was wondering why the numbers in the config file are not percentages out of 100%

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Jack: they are not percentages, but are automatically converted to percentages by EFT. Those numbers afaik are averaged damage values. So for example 586 thermal damage + 1806 kinetic damage would be 24% and 76% respectively.

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