The Empire Of The Caring Bears

“There is an empire within EVE Online, larger than anyone dares to admit. Its people live their lives in protected space, accumulating wealth beyond the dreams of mere mortals. They wage invisible regionwide market wars without ever undocking. From their unbeatable officer-fitted vessels, they organize raids against unsuspecting NPC ships, collecting bounties by the score.

With hundreds of thousands of loyalty points in dozens of corporations, they constantly improve their gear. They have hundreds of ships of all sizes in their hangars, all fully fitted. They could not care less about insurance, they almost never lose a ship. Besides, their wallets can take it without so much as sending ripples through them.

Hour upon hour their shiny mining vessels reap the bountiful riches of asteroid belts in all impunity, knowing they are well defended. Industrialists and researchers alike spend and earn the wealth of nations every day.

Who are they? They are the Carebears.”

Hahahaha. I wish.

My question to the ongoing blog PvP regarding carebearism: how does being called a carebear affect you ingame?

My personal answer: The term carebear started out in EVE as being only mildly pejorative (“the real EVE is nullsec!”), but it has evolved into an insult. It is blatantly obvious that many players use the term nowadays as an easy means to infuriate players that see themselves as the “good” carebear type. The solution is just as obvious, and works with every insult known to man: ignore it.

Okay, I spent way too much time on this post already – I have a COSMOS mission waiting for me 😉

Have fun guys n girls. In the end it is all about the fun. If your fun is blog PvP, by all means – continue. I am enjoying the ride during downtime 🙂

[EDIT] an old friend ingame gave me an interesting link to an Ultima Online cartoon featuring “Care Bear Land”. Carebears exist since the creation of MMOs, so chances are they will exist in eons to come. So will pirates and griefers in all likelihood, so I think it’s best to get used to the idea and just let things roll 🙂

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