ShipsQuickinfo v1 3 codename EyeCandy

NOTE: This is outdated, and has been replaced with the EVE ShipInfo WordPress plugin.

I had an idea lately. I wanted to add ship thumbnails to the script, but I did not want to use the same old CCP-sponsored thumbnails yet again. What ensued was a pretty crazy screenshot shooting session using the ingame preview window. Over 600 fullscreen 1600 pixel wide screenshots, with three views for each ship (front/side/rear).

After some post-processing to crop them and remove any leftover overlays from the game client with some hardcore manual editing as well as photoshop batch editing, I had a nice set of neutral screenshots that I could use. From there, I built a thumbnail previews addon package for the script that you can download below along with an update that adds the preview feature as well as some additional interface tweaks. Enjoy!

P.S. for webmasters: If you are interested in the full resolution screenshots bundle without watermarks, I am open to ingame offers. I will not offer a free download for it, for that it was way too much manual work.

Version highlights:

  • Updated layout with tabbed interface
  • Graphical preview for most ships (except pirate and faction ships, more to come)
  • Draggable popups so that you can arrange them freely
  • Added more ship specifications
  • Additional failsafes and error checks
  • Improved installation guide

Download | Live demo

What is it?

It is a script that can transform links to ships so they display inline information about the ship. It has a PHP backend (to retrieve ship information) and a clientside script (to display the info as tooltips) built on prototype. Some examples:

Concord Army Battleship

Note: Click on a link to open the tooltip. In case javascript is not available or the page has not been initialized, the original link will be used.

Upgrading from a previous version

Download the archive, and extract it over the existing files (replacing them). If you are upgrading from v1.2:

  • add the new configuration parameters INSTALL_URL and USE_PREVIEWS to your config file (See the ShipsQuickinfo_Config-dist.php file)
  • modify the javascript include for scriptaculous in your site’s header to read “[your_path]/js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects,builder,dragdrop” (add “,dragdrop”)
  • clear the cache/ folder so that the HTML content will be refreshed

If you have made adjustments to the ShipsQuickinfo.js file (like modifying paths), you should back it up beforehand and mirror your changes back in afterwards.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, I recommend a clean install.

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