ShipsQuickinfo v1.5 with Ship Screenshots

Reintroducing the website and blog gimmick Aeon’s ShipsQuickinfo: display detailed information about EVE Online ships directly inline without redirecting your users off-site. Now with custom ship screenshots with three views for each ship: front, side and rear. The script is made of a PHP backend and javascript clientside support.

Here’s what it looks like:


Features for v1.5

– New compact tabbed interface
– Custom ship screenshots bundle (separate download)
– The popups are now draggable to arrange them if you have several open
– Live set of examples to get you started
– NEW! Generate the required HTML <head> tags for your site (demo)
– Bundled ship data files, no database required
– Possibility to configure the script to use a live MySQL database
– Several issues fixed, see the changelog

Ship screenshots

The screenshots bundle available as a separate download is custom: I took the screenshots myself using the ingame preview feature. A few ships are still missing, included for now are the T1, T2 and T3 ships. I am still working on the faction ships, those will be added later.

I spent a lot of time on the screenshots, so the bundle you can download for free has a small watermark. If you want to have a watermark-free bundle, you can buy it for 15 million ISK ingame currency. The bundle of original screenshots is also for sale.


You can download the script from the project page:

There is also a live demo that you can play around with:

Upgrade notes:

For v1.4 users: just replace all files. No changes in the configuration file.
For v1.3 users: replace all files, create a new configuration file with the provided template.
For v1.2 and prior: the best is to install it from scratch.

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