The Ships of EVE

Federation Navy CometWhen I had the idea to integrate a preview of EVE ships in my blog gimmick ShipsQuickinfo, I had a look at what is out there, and very quickly realized that would not cut it. So I did what I always do, which is to overdo it outrageously. A single view of a ship is not enough in my eyes: to get a good idea of the ship you are looking at in a static image, you need more than one angle. I decided I would need three views: front, side and rear.

What ensued was a screenshotting session that lasted about a month on and off. Using the ingame preview window, I made three separate screenshots for every ship in the game – excluding the ones I did not have access to, namely the tournament prize ships and private/test CCP ships. Needless to say, post-processing was the biggest part. I had to rename all the screenshots, then manually edit each one to remove the labels the game adds. After that I was able to automate the rest with Photoshop batch processing.

Now that I am done there are 245 ships total, so 735 individual screenshots for the three views per ship. I am really happy with the result, as the blog gimmick is a lot more useful with the screenshots. Plus, they are unique – and that’s what I was aiming for. But the screenshots bundle offers a lot more possibilities, and I am eager to try out a few ideas.

To see how I use the screenshots in my blog, click on any of the following ship names:

Federation Navy Comet
Gold Magnate

This gimmick is free to use for your site, the libraries are open source. You can download it from the ShipsQuickinfo project page.

And finally, the eye candy 🙂 These are the 245 ships:

UPDATE: I have uploaded a much larger version on my DeviantART page.

The Ships of EVE

Note that the complete screenshots package is for sale for ingame currency. The format is a DVD with all 6 GB of post-processed screenshots as layered PSD files in 1632 x 1020 resolution. Contact me ingame or via email for details and pricing.

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