The lone wolf Devoter contest

UPDATE: Contest closed! Winners have been announced.

DevoterBefore we get to the heart of the matter, a little background. About two years back, I bought a Devoter via trade because it was a good deal and I knew it was not a scam. It was fully fitted and I was thinking of reselling it for a small premium. The ship was damaged however, so I could not create a contract for it. To make matters worse, the station did not have repair facilities and I was a few months off actually flying the thing. In short, the ship was not going anywhere because I did not want to repackage it and lose the rigs.

Two years later, Aeon finally has the skills to fly one and the ship is nowhere to be found anymore. I do not know/recall what happened to it, but the fact is it disappeared without a trace. I was not going to let that stop me, so I bought a brand new one. This is where you come in: I need a good fitting for the ship, Battleclinic only has fleet fittings and the official forums are infested by trolls. I thought why not try a contest instead… Let’s see 🙂

The contest

What’s the challenge? Well, I want a lone wolf fitting. I know the ship is designed for fleet ops, but I am a hardcore solo player and I want to use it on my own, without any wingmen at all.

These are the rules:

  • You may use any T1, T2 and Faction module
  • You may use any rig
  • You may not use any implants
  • You may not use any deadspace or officer gear
  • NO fleet-related fittings! Solo only
  • Create a fit with EFT, paste your fit in comments (use EFT’s copy to clipboard functionality)
  • For easier comparison between fits, use the All Level 5 template
  • Write a short description of how the fitting is meant to be used
  • Any additional details like optimal skills is apreciated but not mandatory
  • Contest closes noon on monday, 17th may 2010. I will post the results in the afternoon the same day.

Note: any comments about using the Devoter for anything else than fleet ops being idiotic I will just delete, so don’t even bother.


1st place:
An Abaddon Battleship, worth about 120 Mil

2nd place:
A Harbinger Battlecruiser with 3x CCC rigs fitted, worth about 30 Mil

3rd place:
A Jaguar OR Wolf Assault Frigate , worth about 20 Mil

4th place:
An Ocular Filter Standard implant (+4 perception), worth about 20 Mil

5th place:
An Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ AX-1 hardwiring (+3% turret tracking) OR an Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ G1-Epsilon hardwiring (+3% large energy turret damage), worth about 20 Mil

The jury will be myself and I will rate entries on their originality but also the potential of actually using the fit and doing something with it.

Let’s see those fittings 🙂

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