Planets and the balance of power

Since Tyrannis has even further increased the deity-like power of capsuleers (in the form of planet side resource extraction), I have been wondering at how this change affects the balance of power in an already pretty wretched universe. Not so much in terms of capsuleer to capsuleer power, but more from governments and “normal” individuals to capsuleers.

Individual capsuleers, corporations and alliances are entirely outside of the control of the four empires, who merely enforce their law through factional armies and indirectly through CONCORD. Even without being able to harness planetary resources, a single capsuleer already possesses more power than a single human should be able to cope with.

As a result, the rift between capsuleers and everyone else is still widening. The people who actually make it all work are less than a side note – from ship crews to the work teams that take care of installing and running planet side structures. With that kind of resources at their disposal as well total independence, capsuleers are a dangerous and volatile force.

Battles rage all over New Eden, fleet fights involving all ship classes from frigates to super capitals. Those are forces that could easily give any of the four empires trouble. For now these fights originate from power struggles between capsuleer-controlled alliances and corporations and stay within the capsuleer world. How long will wielding such power to use it on the same targets over and over be enough? Someday a capsuleer will decide that his deity status and is not enough – and he will put his resources in motion for conquest, to crush the last hindrances keeping him from absolute control.

Step by step, CCP are giving capsuleers more power. From a pew-pew spaceship game, EVE Online is slowly but steadily evolving into a full-fledged simulation that puts the power to conquer entire worlds into your hands. Planetary resource extraction is just the beginning: with Dust451 planetary control is right around the corner.

The question is: where will it end?

I am still unsure where I stand regarding the introduction of yet another form of PvP, but for now I am enjoying building colonies to create materials for Loreena’s small POS. Planets will become a battlefield in the end, I am merely curious as to how it will be handled – even if I am not eager to get there.

PI productivity tip: there are a lot of actions for which you can simply use a double-click: start resource extraction, select a route destination, open a launchpad’s launch screen and many more. Try it!

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