Skills distribution 8/2010

I am still importing my old blog posts that had gotten lost in the server crash, and I came upon a post from 2007 about Aeon and Loreena’s skill distribution. It was interesting to see how they both evolved during those three years. Here’s how it looks today:

Aeon’s top areas, not counting Learning skills, compared to 2007:

» Spaceship Command (18.4 Mil) – unchanged
» Gunnery (9.7 Mil) – unchanged
» Science (5.3 Mil) – up from #4
» Engineering (4 Mil) – new
» Mechanic (4 Mil) – new

Loreena’s top areas:

» Spaceship Command (14.5 Mil) – unchanged
» Science (9.2 Mil) – up from #3
» Gunnery (6.5 Mil) – new
» Drones (6.5 Mil) – new
» Mechanic (4.4 Mil) – new

Loreena is the one with the most changes, she evolved into a science / combat hybrid with some really good drone skills. Aeon pretty much continued on the path he had started on, namely flying ships and killing stuff with them. The fact that science is so far up the list is because of the scanning and hacking/archaeology skills.

Both characters also have some mid-term skillings plans at the moment: Aeon is working on making a foray into capital ships with an Archon, and Loreena is skilling up on Hybrid guns to eventually fly a Kronos. Well, she already has the ship and can undock in it, but she can’t shoot anything with it yet 🙂

I am still not quite sure whether the time and ISK investment into Aeon’s carrier venture is really worth it – but I guess you never know until you’ve tried. Loreena and her Kronos are a long-standing dream, I just hope I will not forget too often to take ammo along 😀

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