New character portraits

While the new portrait editor is all kinds of awesome, I think some of the characters lack the depth they had before. This is especially true in Aeon’s case: the old portrait was more expressive than what can be achieved with the new editor. One thing that really bugged me was the fact that I can’t have him open his eyes more – his race template does not offer enough leeway here. Difficult not to make him seem sleepy!

Nevertheless I am quite happy how they both turned out (even if Aeon looks like a monkey with the Captain’s Quarters renderer and Loreena is way too angular). As usual I did not use much makeup or additional decorations like piercings or the like, because both characters are very simple and it would not fit their style. I think they will not get anything from the NEX store either – the default choice of attire is more than enough for their needs 🙂

Aeon lost his front tattoo, the same one was available after the tattoo update of the editor, but it does not render the same – so I chose to go on without it. Maybe in the future they will add some more options, but for now they look good enough to me.

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