The Phoenix has risen

After my big server fiasco in 2010, all relevant posts are now online again over a year later. I even had to write a special filter in PHP that allowed me to import all the posts I had saved from Google’s cache. That way I could add them to the blog as drafts. The most work was uploading all the screenshots again and re-linking them manually. I’m really glad it’s all back now 🙂

I added a page that lists all post titles as a quick archive in the upper site navigation, and I have a few plans for the future of the blog. I will definitely keep posting, but as always I’ll do it at my own pace. It started out as a means to record my EVE adventures for myself, and even if it went somewhat beyond that’s still its core mission. I’m by no means a blogaholic, nor do big posts come to me easily – so I prefer to spend the time I need on them to be able to post something I’m comfortable with.

The upside of this was that I was forced to re-read most of the posts, and re-lived part of my earlier adventures. Some of the older posts nearly went into the bin, especially the one where I was showing off a Maelstrom fitted with lasers, for example. I could not delete it though, it’s part of the story…

Now that the past has been reborn, I can finally put my energy back into writing some new content! Here’s to a bright future for EVE so the adventure may never end 🙂

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