Printable NPC Damage Types Cheat Sheet v1.6

Last updated: Sept, 26 2014

Yes, it’s the infamous NPC damage types list that about 80% of all EVE pilots have in place of their biographies. This time in a pretty & practical printable format:

Printable NPC Damage Types Cheat Sheet v1.6

What it shows:

  • NPC Damage Types
  • NPC Weaknesses (primary & secondary)
  • Drones to use (primary & secondary)
  • Countermeasures for electronic warfare
  • Alternate compact versions
  • Easy printing with PDF format

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  • v1.0: Initial revision
  • v1.1: Added countermeasures
  • v1.2: Corrected wording of ECM
  • v1.3: Fixed Serpentis weakness, fixed colors
  • v1.4: Fixed warriors vs Angels, revamped layout a bit, adjusted some percentages with current values, added tracking disruption
  • v1.5: Fixed Countermeasures, added recommended drones vs. secondary drones, added compact version
  • v1.6: Added Mordus NPCs, Added secondary weaknesses, Adjusted drones for latest drone changes, Optimized for A4 print format, Revamped countermeasures layout

21 Responses to “Printable NPC Damage Types Cheat Sheet v1.6”

  • The Johann Says:

    Awesome chart, printing as we speak. But a bit of an adjustment… The countermeasure section lists “Tracking Disruptor” when this should say ECM. A trcking disruptor makes it harder for your turrets to track while ECM prevents you from locking anything. The recommended solution is correct, just the verbage is goofy.

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Thanks Johann, you’re right of course. I’ll update the chart with your suggestion.

  • Khurt Says:

    my personal experience (and also many other sites indeed) seems show that the best dmg to deal to Serpentis is Kineti and not thermal.
    Check this site for more info maybe:

    Another thing, if possible. In game colors are:
    yellow —–> explosive
    red —-> thermal

    This table shows:
    yellow —–> thermal
    red ——> explosive

    It’s not a big problem, but it would be nice to have the same game colors (sometime i get confused and i load wrong ammo <.<)

    tnks for your work.

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Khurt. I updated the sheet with the new colors and the kinetic damage for serpentis.

  • o7 Says:

    Nice Chart, I like the design very much.

    I have to argue about using kinetic sentries versus Serpentis though. It might be correct, that the lowest resistance is kinetic, with a 10% higher resistance to thermal damage on every single Serpentis NPC I could find that was in the database linked before. But telling us to use kinetic sentries is suboptimal, because drones have a fixed damage multiplier, and the Warden multiplier is lower than the one of the rest of the Caldari drones. That leads to a situation where Garde actually do more damage to Serpentis than Warden, as long as the kinetic resistance is lower than 60% (Doing exactly the same at 60%.) That being said, I did not find a single Serpentis ship in the database that has a kinetic resistance above 59% (or thermal more than 69% respectively just to make sure). Of course there are other things to decide, like Warden having higher range, but I believe that is not what your chart is about.

    If you copy the folowing into the field at the bottom of
    (sorry that it’s a german site) you will be able to follow my maths:


  • Jake Says:

    Shouldn’t it be Warriors vs the Angels? Warriors are the EXP small drones.

  • lord-carlos Says:

    You don’t use acolyte. No not ever.
    Against Angel you use minmatar drones and against everything else you use Gallente drones.
    The damage projection from Amarr drones are sh… not good. (I think because of the tracking)
    I am talking about small and medium, not sentries. I have no idea about heavies, probably the same as small/medium.

  • SomeDude Says:

    Awesome, thank you. Could you add Sleepers for us wh dwellers.

  • Serpentis fighter Says:

    You had it right the first time: Serpentis take thermal.

    They are all weakest to what they deal the most of.

    Khurt is wrong: check eveolopedia or any other chart. I fight only serpentis where I live and I can say for sure they are weakest to therm.

  • Tsomo Says:

    Great Chart, thank you.
    But i think the right light drones for fighting against Angels schould be warriors.

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Hi Tsomo, you’re right of course – thanks for spotting that typo, I uploaded a new version that fixes this.

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Actually, I read up serpentis and it seems they are really weaker to Kinetic, even if this goes against the racial thermic trend. It’s due to the rail damage makeup.

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    There’s not really any point in adding Sleepers – they do omni damage, so expect 25% accross the board. See here:

  • AeonOfTime Says:

    Hi o7, thanks for the link to the graph – I’ll shamelessly say that I understood everything you just told me 🙂

    Your logic is sound, but I don’t know if changing the cheat sheet to reflect this would be a good idea. It’s also intended to demonstrate relations between damage types and races, so if I start mixing things up it will only confuse people. I’m open to suggestions though. I could add a “recommended” bar on the right with other drone suggestions for example.

  • o7 Says:


    well, I understand this Chart as quick reference for someone who changes stuff around a lot, like during mission-running. Therefore I personnaly would go as far as just show the best drones to use for which NPC type due to it’s resists.

    If people are confused and seek explanation, because a drone falls out of the sheme, they have a place to to get them answeared. Although comparing stats of the light drones vs the sentry drones make it somewhat obvious, if you wanted you could make a footnote with the very short explanation to this matter on the Chart.

    You could have, of course, decided to use the chart as reference of what is best to use against all the specifics of a given NPC type (like Speed, fighting range etc.). But this would be just another argument use Garde instead of Warden for Serpentis.

    I will use this awesome looking chart as soon as I feel everything on it is correct. 😛

  • Pap3r Says:

    Eveuniversity says
    Gallente drones for sheer damage output. Minmatar drones for speed and reasonable damage. Amarr and Caldari drones do not really have a role.
    Gallente drones (which do thermal damage) will even outdamage other drones vs NPCs with weaknesses to other damage types (exception is against Angel NPCs).
    Minmatar drones are good against Angels and a good option in pvp, since they are fast and can catch the enemy. Especially true for Warriors vs. interceptors and Valkyries vs. frigates in general.

  • Jacob Makren Says:

    Guristas do ECM, not Blood Raiders. Blood Raiders, and Sansha’s Nation do Tracking Disruption.

  • joe Says:

    Nice chart – would be useful to have the MPC secondary weakness there as well as the primary.

  • Rokkan Says:

    Hey, love the chart, just printed one.

    Any chance of doing something similar for projectile weapons ammunition? Projectile weapons are as mono-damage dealing as, say, missiles.


  • AeonOfTime Says:

    That’s actually a pretty good idea. I always fumble trying to find the right ammo myself 🙂

  • Ammo For Serpentis Says:

    […] Printable NPC Damage Types Cheat Sheet v1.6 | Aeon’s EVE – my personal experience (and also many other sites indeed) seems show that the best dmg to deal to Serpentis is Kineti and not thermal. Check this site for more info. […]

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