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Pretty, ain't it? Yes, but still a pain to get to!I stated previously that the amount of runs on a blueprint copy you use for invention has no effect, but I learned that’s not true.

As explained in the EVELopedia, the amount of runs of the T1 blueprint copy has a small effect on the resulting runs of the T2 blueprint copy. What I wanted to know was if the additional time investment to create maximum run blueprint copies was actually worth the time. To do this, I calculated the amount of blueprint copies I would need to get 100 runs of a Heat Sink II module – taking a 48% chance of invention into account. Then I compared the time required to create all the required copies as well as the actual invention time.

My gut feeling was that single run copies would be more efficient, but that’s not the case. 100 T2 runs for a Heat Sink II would require either:

Using Max-run T1 copies (=10 runs per T2 BPC)

  • A total of 20 max-run copies (statistically we would lose over 9 in invention)
  • A total of 65 hours copying time
  • A total of 24 hours invention time

Using 1-run T1 copies (=1 run per T2 BPC)

  • A total of 194 1-run copies
  • A total of 3 hours copying time
  • A total of 239 hours invention time

As you can see, while copying the required blueprints is a lot faster with 1-run copies, the invention time is what gets you – big time.

EDIT: as the saying goes, sometimes you lose sight of the forest because of all the trees. There is not only the issue of time, but also of the datacores you use up… Inventing from a 10-run T2 module BPC costs as many datacores as from a 1-run BPC. That was a facepalm, “you noob!” moment there. One of the beauties of EVE – even when you think you know it all, it comes back to bite you in your pride.

Also worth noting is that if you are using a decryptor that modifies the amount of runs, it is definitely recommended to use a max run T1 blueprint copy.

The EVELopedia links to the EVE Online Market Guide Invention calculator, and I had a look at it – I cannot say how accurate it is in practice, but it is well made and at the very least can tell you exactly what you need for a specific BPC.

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  • Charles Says:

    Thanks for a cogent and well written article! I hope you have the inclination to update some of the details which have since changed (ie. the new Decryptor names, types and stats).

    Regarding the use of decryptors, I don’t entirely agree with your suggestion. There’s a great online calc which allows you to see how use of various decryptors will affect the resulting costs and profitability of an invention. There are certain mid-cost items which can benefit greatly from use of a decryptor which adds 3 runs and 50% better chance of invention to a single run copy – even at 2 million ISK per decryptor. It’s great if you have the time to bang out max run copies, but with some BPOs it’s just not practicable (3.5 hours vs 18.5 days for a cloak, for instance). Any way, the truth is in the numbers, and here’s the calc which has helped me earn many shiny ISKies:)

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