Aeon’s portraits collection

EVE’s portrait generator along with the imagination and creativity of New Eden’s pilots has given birth to many great characters. One of my favorite pastimes is rolling throwaway alternate characters to play around with the character creator. A while ago I started collecting portraits from pilots in local to use as inspiration, and lately I built a miniature gallery to be able to view them easily ingame.

They are exclusively female characters and match the kind of character I like personally, so they might not be what you’re looking for – but I thought I’d share anyway:

Aeon's Portraits Collection

There are only around 50 portraits at the time of writing, but I will keep adding new portraits as I go along. The list is anonymous, and there are no character details on purpose. If you are hell bent on finding out who a portrait belongs to, you can use the portrait’s ID to trace it back. I will let you find out how that works.

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